Josh Duggar Photo Divides Fans: Some Want To See More Of Him, Others Are Shocked That His Family Shared It

Josh Duggar recently made a rare appearance on his family’s social media, and fans have mixed feelings about the photo that his parents decided to share.

On May 4, the Duggars celebrated Throwback Thursday by sharing an old family photo on their Facebook page. It was taken back in the days when the Duggars wore matching outfits, and the member of the family who posted it wrote that it was snapped in 2003. If this were true, there would be 14 kids and counting in the image. However, there are 16 Duggar children pictured, so the photo had to be taken sometime in 2006.

Some fans were thrilled that the Duggars didn’t leave scandal-plagued Josh (pictured bottom right) out of the social media post, and they’re begging to see more of him. They really want Josh to join the rest of his family on their current TLC reality series, Counting On.

“What a great picture!! What a great tree limb too!! It would be nice to see a new one!! Love you guys and hope to see the WHOLE family back on TV soon!!” one of the Duggars’ Facebook followers wrote.

“Miss the WHOLE family!” another fan agreed.

As People reports, TLC network execs decided not to include 29-year-old Josh as part of the Counting On cast after he confessed to sexually molesting his younger sisters as a teenager. His family’s other popular reality series, 19 Kids and Counting, was canceled in the wake of the sexual molestation scandal, and it took TLC a few months to devise a way to bring the Duggars back without Josh.

Even though the Duggars got the date on their throwback family photo wrong, some fans are shocked that they would share an image that they believed was taken in 2003. This is because 2003 is the year that Josh Duggar sexually molested his then-5-year-old sister.

“I was like ‘oh nice photo’ and then I realized what those poor girls were probably going through and it started making me sick,” one fan wrote in response to the Duggars’ Facebook post.

“Back when they were getting touched over the clothes,” another commented.

According to police reports obtained by In Touch Weekly, the youngest of Josh’s five molestation victims told Jim Bob Duggar that her older brother had “touched her breasts and vaginal area” while she was sitting in his lap and listening to him read a book.

The fans whose admiration for Josh Duggar hasn’t been diminished by the molestation revelations might not get their wish to see more of the former 19 Kids and Counting star. As the Hollywood Gossip reports, TLC is so dedicated to keeping Josh off of Counting On that the show’s editors used a fake sun glare to block him from view in Jinger Duggar’s wedding special.

Josh Duggar hasn’t exactly been eager to thrust himself back in the public eye, either: He’s kept a low profile since returning home from a six-month stint in rehab for sex addiction. Josh enrolled in the Christian recovery program after admitting to being unfaithful to his wife Anna, and Radar Online reports that he’s “still in counseling.”

“It’s religious counseling, so it’s not like he’s getting actual help for his issues,” a source revealed.

Josh lost his job with the Family Research Council in the wake of his sexual molestation scandal, and now he makes a living selling used cars. He and Anna are currently expecting their fifth child, and Josh is struggling to provide for his growing family.

“He’s selling cars and he’s not doing very well with it,” a source revealed. “He and Anna are struggling financially big time.”

According to Radar Online, Josh had a really bad day at work recently when a thief stole a car from right under his nose. Josh forgot to copy a male customer’s driver’s license before he took the car out for a test drive, so the man just drove off in the vehicle and never returned.

However, one stolen car could prove to be the least of Josh Duggar’s woes. According to Life & Style, a DJ named Matthew McCarthy is suing Duggar for stealing his photo and using it to create a profile on an online dating site. McCarthy is hoping to recover damages for the “loss of work, harassment from the public, and prolonged pain and embarrassment” he suffered due to Josh Duggar’s actions.

[Featured Image by Josh & Anna Duggar/Facebook]