President Frog: Mike Mitchell Paints Frogs On Trump’s Chin – Wins 241K Twitter, Instagram, Twitter Followers

“President Frog” seems to have been birthed from a single tweet on May 1 from the Twitter account of artist Mike Mitchell with the Twitter handle @sirmitchell. In the viral tweet, Mitchell announced that President Donald Trump was introducing the world to Trump’s newest cabinet member, a frog that had been painted on Trump’s face. More specifically, the frog has been painted over several photos of Trump on his chin, as Trump made a series of faces that seemed the perfect palate for the artist to place a painting of a green frog with yellow eyes atop the chin. As a result, “Trump chin frog” and “President Frog” are terms going viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

As seen in the above tweet from Mitchell’s Twitter account, the tweet with three photos of President Trump with a frog painted on his chin have received more than 33,000 likes and have been retweeted more than 15,000 times. Mitchell’s Twitter account currently stands at 27,000 followers.

An artist out of Austin, Texas, according to Mitchell’s website, Mike features plenty of his work thereon. On Instagram, Mike calls himself an “artist/idiot.” Well, that’s one self-proclaimed “artist/idiot” that has gained up to 102,000 followers on Instagram. Add to that the more than 112,000 people who have liked Mitchell’s Facebook page, and Mike has a solid following of more than 241,000 people across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram — not counting his Tumblr following and any of those folks following Mitchell via other platforms.

With new tweets like the below one showing “President Frog” discovering hair gel, Mitchell’s social media following will likely increase through the stratosphere as Mike shows off his painting skills via Trump’s frog chin.

As reported by Metro, Mitchell’s versions of Trump’s frog chin have gone viral, along with quips from Mike imagining President Frog saying that he must protect the environment by fighting climate change and especially pay close attention to the swamps, since President Frog has frog friends there.

With each new photo of Trump that Mike decides to make his canvas to paint a frog atop Trump’s chin, adding humorous text to the photos painted of President Frog, Mitchell gains more attention on social media.

As reported by the Hindustan Times, Mitchell is using his artistic skills to tell the tale of the bright green frog on Trump’s chin after tweeting that it seemed humorous to think of President Trump appearing with a frog on his chin that would take over Trump’s personality.

“It seems like a joke, but how far are we from Trump walking out with a frog painted on his face that later becomes his dominant personality? Also, I very quickly realized I preferred a frog painted on a face over Trump to lead our country. That’s where we are.”

On social media, folks are having quite varied reactions to the photos of a frog painted on Trump’s chin. Some of those reactions have been republished below. There’s even a President Frog Twitter account with the Twitter handle @president_frog, with the account’s description calling it “the frog behind the scenes.”

“Every time you look at frogface expect some action if an insect comes within reach.”

“I can’t stop laughing.”

“He’ll be hopping mad! Someone noticed ‘s chin looks like a and you can’t unsee it.”

“Does Trump’s Chin Frog have a name?”

“What the Kek? THE PRESIDENT IS LITERALLY PEPE IN THE FLESH!!! This truly is the dankest timeline.”

“Good news! The frog painted on Trump’s chin is now taking over as President.”

“Artist paints frogs over Donald Trump’s chin creating ‘President Frog’.”

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]