WWE Rumors: Another Delay To Becoming ‘Broken’? Matt Hardy’s Wife Reby Says Impact Still Going After Her

Wrestling fans can undeniably see it — it may only be a matter of time before “Broken” Matt Hardy becomes a reality to the WWE Universe. Though he still tends to alternate between his natural and put-on accents, the 42-year-old WWE returnee makes the “delete” gesture, uses big words and makes references consistent with his old TNA/Impact Wrestling character, and retains the signature white streak in his hair. But due to ongoing legal issues with Impact, Matt and Jeff Hardy, a.k.a. The Hardy Boyz, can’t be as “broken” as fans want them to be. The latest such issue may involve Impact Wrestling allegedly “going after” Matt’s wife, Reby Hardy, despite her being eight months pregnant and no longer an employee of the company.

According to Wrestling Inc., the latest proof of the contentious relationship between Reby Hardy and former employer Impact Wrestling may have come earlier today, when the woman known as “Queen Rebecca” in “Broken” Matt Hardy’s “universe” took to Twitter to suggest that Impact may have recently taken, or may be planning to take legal action against her.


Cut everyone’s pay & lay off a bunch of people


Let’s spend $ to go after a woman who’s 8mo. pregnant & no longer works here”

In relation to the above, Reby Hardy also replied to a fan’s inquiry about the “F*** That Owl” t-shirt based on a tweet she sent out in March, where she took a shot at Impact Wrestling’s new owl logo.

“no longer available but after today, I might have to bring them back”

While her husband has mostly been okay with keeping the “Broken” Matt Hardy character restricted to Twitter posts and fleeting references to the gimmick on WWE television, Reby Hardy has been very open on social media about her dislike for the company she and The Hardy Boyz/Broken Hardys used to work for.

Weeks before Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE and won the RAW Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania, Reby had gone on an extended Twitter rant about Impact Wrestling, which she consistently refers by its former name. According to Cageside Seats, the rant mainly took aim at Impact executive producer Jeff Jarrett, stressing that her husband had tried to be as professional as possible, only for the company to make a deal that turned out to be unsatisfactory for the Hardys.

Reby Hardy’s Twitter rant had also accused Impact of going after her father, who played “Broken” Matt Hardy’s gardener “Senor Benjamin,” but allegedly didn’t receive any money for his appearances in the “Broken Universe” skits, as he wasn’t under contract with Impact.

[Image by WWE]

Matt Hardy announced late in March that he and Reby own all Broken Universe trademarks, in response to Impact Wrestling’s placement of trademark symbols on all of the Hardys’ “Broken” videos. But with The Hardy Boyz returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33 just about a week later, with no outright reference to their old gimmicks, it would seem that both WWE and Impact are still going back and forth on whether “Broken” Matt Hardy and “Brother Nero” (Jeff Hardy’s Broken Universe name) can be used as WWE gimmicks or not.

This was further underscored last week, as Reby Hardy dispelled rumors that WWE had finally succeeded in buying the Broken Universe gimmicks from Impact.

“NO. Absolutely (no truth to the rumors). The fact that this is even a rumor is such a joke.”

“99% sure it was ‘leaked’ to stooge writers from Jarrett in an attempt to make TNA look like it’s in a position of power (LOL)”

Additionally, the Inquisitr reported earlier today that Impact Wrestling filed trademarks late last month on several Broken Universe names and terms, namely “Broken” Matt, Brother Nero, Broken Brilliance, and Vanguard-1.

With these new developments, it does seem that the battle for the rights to the “Broken” Matt Hardy gimmick is still raging on. But with WWE fans still bringing “delete” signs and chanting that word with matching gestures, hopes remain high that Matt and Jeff Hardy can use their old Impact Wrestling gimmicks without having to be so subtle about it.

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