Former WWE Star Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Gives Details On Recent Drug Bust, Triple H Comments

Last weekend, four-time former WWE Tag Team Champion Sean “X-Pac” Waltman was reportedly busted at an airport for drugs and meth, heading to an International Pro Wrestling event in the United Kingdom. According to TMZ, “airport police were called to the scene and Waltman was arrested on the spot. He was transported to a nearby jail where he was booked for possession of a controlled substance.” They added that police was notified of an outstanding warranty for a DUI charge, which made matters worse.

On his latest X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast, Waltman gave details of what happened that day. He stated that he his taking medical marijuana and had some pills. He was hurrying to catch his flight, when customs did not clear him to go forward after checking him. Police then appeared, but Waltman said that they did not cuff him because he was cooperating.

He did admit on the show that he was stopped over a year ago before he moved to Pennsylvania, and he did indeed have pot. He softened the blow by stating that it was “before they had medical marijuana there.” He also confirmed that the police brought him in, and he had a bottle of Xanax with him, which he no longer consumes.

When he went to court, he agreed to a probation plea. During the recent bust, police noticed that he was on probation by seeing the probation officer’s card in his fanny pack. However that still was not enough evidence to take him in, according to Waltman. The police were analyzing everything in his bag, and moved him away from what they were doing so he could not eavesdrop. Waltman, though, stated that he could still hear a bit of what was going on, which is when he heard them mention the meth.

He stated that although he could understand that assumption from the pills he had, it was a misdiagnosis. Moreover, he said that he could understand people doubting his story, even his close friends, because many know the former stories of how he was in the past. Now, though, he stated that changed has occurred in his life, and he does not smoke weed as much.

Waltman did apologize for missing the IPW event in the UK, stating that the promoters and fans “did not deserve this.” He stated that he would never just decide to take their money and no-show an event. He mocked the “large amount of cash” that he had, which was $736, even stating that Triple H texted him and commented, “$736? You’re the world’s worse meth dealer! LOL.” He did continue to joke about it, stating that he is surprised that people are not calling him “Meth-Pac” yet.

According to Waltman, he overheard the police say that “we have to make this look good,” insinuating that they were possibly trying to embellish the bust. Regarding steps he has to take after the arrest, he mentioned a drug evaluation, but stated that it is difficult to find a center where he currently lives. He shared that the main reason why a drug evaluation is done is for people who plan on checking into a rehabilitation facility, and he feels as if he has “no reason to.”

On a positive note, Waltman shared that he eats a great amount of food daily, around six or seven times, and is currently “ripped.” Thankfully, this is a substantial improvement from a few years ago, when Waltman attempted suicide in Mexico. Now, he states that he is focused on his health and to prolong his wrestling career, as well as his podcast remaining successful with his road stories and weekly interviews.

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