Leah Messer Reportedly Back Together With Jeremy Calvert As Another ‘Teen Mom’ Cheating Scandal Explodes

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are together again – and their reunion has sparked another Teen Mom 2 scandal. Radar Online reports that Calvert’s former fiancee, Brooke Wehr, claims he cheated on her with Messer after they hung out over the weekend.

The cheating scandal erupted after Messer shared a photo of her and Calvert hanging out at a bar. The Teen Mom 2 star captioned the image by writing “The ex-husband,” which only sparked more rumors that they are back together. She followed up the original post with another photo to clarify what was happening.

“Just a little fun, that’s all!” she wrote.


While it looked like the two were headed for a reunion, Calvert took to Instagram and explained what he was doing with Messer at the bar. “Being friends with your ex shows you two are mature enough to get over the fact that you weren’t meant to be together,” he stated.

According to Wet Paint, Calvert later clarified his actions and revealed that he went to the bar because all of his friends were attending a concert in Charleston. It was mere coincidence that Messer ended up at the same bar on the same night – at least according to Calvert.

“After the concert, everyone started coming into the bar including my friends and Leah and her friends,” he shared.

“It wasn’t planned or anything, it just happened we went to the same place. So everyone told us to take a picture together. So we did and we posted it.”


The sighting comes after Calvert ended his engagement to Wehr, who accused him of sleeping with a producer of Teen Mom 2. Given how Calvert was single at the time of his hangout session with Leah Messer, OK Magazine reports that he didn’t think it was wrong to share the photos on social media.

“I was single, so I didn’t see anything wrong with taking an innocent photo with my ex-wife,” he stated.

“We have a child together, and we’re not going to start screaming at each other or anything. We get along and we act like mature adults for our kid.”

Calvert’s excuse didn’t fly with his ex, Brooke Wehr. Shortly after Messer’s scandalous posts, Wehr shared a photo of her in bed with a guy that looked like Calvert. “When u don’t feel good and it’s time for bed,” she wrote alongside the image.

The post prompted Calvert to fire back. The reality star wrote a lengthy note on social media about taking the high road and not lowering yourself just to get even with an enemy. He closed the message by assuring fans that he wouldn’t fall into the same old traps and asked them to “give her the unfollow button.”

As fans will recall, Calvert’s relationship with Wehr started going downhill when she wanted him to stop working long hours and spend more time at home. When he refused to cut his hours back and move to Ohio with her, their relationship started to crumble. She was reportedly thinking about getting back with Calvert but changed her mind when the new photos surfaced online.

Despite the latest photos, Calvert made it clear that he isn’t getting back with Messer. Given their rocky past, this is probably a good idea. Instead, Calvert is focusing on co-parenting with Messer and being the best father he can be.

Wehr has not officially commented on the latest cheating rumors surrounding her ex-fiance. Fans can rest assured, however, that any chances of Wehr and Calvert reuniting are probably over. This, unfortunately, won’t end the drama between the former couple, but it is good to see Calvert and Messer getting along.

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