NeNe Leakes Blames Friendship Problems With Kandi Burruss On Phaedra Parks, Calls Porsha Williams A Liar

NeNe Leakes’ Season 10 return to Real Housewives of Atlanta means that the pecking order of the show will change again as she takes back the spot of the head peach holder. NeNe has also been clearing up a few things regarding which RHOA stars she is close with and which friendships she probably won’t be repairing. It turns out that NeNe Leakes is definitely team Kandi and she’s even taking shots at Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams.

According to NeNe, it was Phaedra Parks who was responsible for her past issues with Kandi Burruss. While NeNe was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she opened up about the drama that nearly cost her a friendship with Kandi. NeNe also admitted that she does not talk to Phaedra Parks and that Porsha Williams never calls her like she claimed she did.

“Phaedra been doing this bulls**t for a very long time,” NeNe said.

“Phaedra did the exact same thing to me, as we already discussed before, years ago on the show when she first came on. She tried to take me down and it didn’t work. Phaedra’s been doing stuff like this, she just got caught with these girls.”

It’s pretty obvious which side NeNe is taking in the latest RHOA drama, taking several clear shots at Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams. NeNe told Andy that while Phaedra is the instigator in all of the Kandi Burruss rape drama that dominated Season 9 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha definitely played her role in all of it too.

Then, NeNe Leakes explained the drama from the Jamaica trip in Season 8 where she showed up to surprise her friends, only to find out that they weren’t so happy to see her there.

“I thought Phaedra and I were cool, but once again, she’s just a fraud, who knows?” NeNe said.

“I don’t know what happened. All I knew is that I showed up in Jamaica and Phaedra was no longer talking to me, and Porsha was no longer talking to me. I guess Phaedra has a way of twisting people’s minds.”

NeNe Leakes also blamed Phaedra Parks’ lies and rumors for the breakdown of her friendship with Kandi Burruss. Thankfully, NeNe said that she and Kandi were able to get past the drama and patch things up according to Celebrity Insider. NeNe said, “Kandi and I are good now. Thank God she came from under Phaedra’s spell.”

“The whole time I was watching the reunion, she kept saying to Porsha, ‘Girl, you speaking for her.’ I was saying to myself, ‘Kandi, child, you used to be the same way, honey. And I’m so glad you came from under Phaedra’s spell.'”

NeNe went on to explain her issue with Porsha Williams, which stems around the two being neighbors. Page Six reported that Porsha bought a $1.15 million home that is just two minutes away from NeNe’s house.

Back in January, Porsha Williams was also a guest on Watch What Happens Live and while she was there, she admitted to being NeNe’s neighbor. Porsha said that she had tried to call NeNe so the two could hook up but that she just never got a response. NeNe responded to Porsha’s claims that she wouldn’t call back just a week later, saying the following.

“Well, we all know that’s a lie, including you. You know the last time, Porsha hasn’t spoken to me since the reunion. Remember when I was trying to give her advice about fighting and all that? She took offense to that. She left the show and went on her radio show and bashed me along with the rest of her co-workers and I was simply just trying to give her good advice as I have always done since I’ve known her. I’ve given her nothing but good advice. That is the reason why we haven’t spoken. When I got to Jamaica she really wasn’t talking to me in Jamaica either – you know, because I was back on the show and of course these girls want to be the queen and you know when the queen is there you can’t shine.”


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While NeNe Leakes return to Real Housewives of Atlanta for Season 10 still isn’t official, it was reported that she was offered $2.5 million. Bravo wants NeNe back on RHOA in a bad way and it’s pretty easy to see why. NeNe’s return will be a huge shakeup to the cast, something that is desperately needed and based on the feedback from many fans, something that is definitely wanted as well.

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