Donald Trump Approval Rating Today Drops In His Base, Trump Regrets And TrumpCare Anger Climbs

Donald Trump ‘s approval rating today has dropped since earlier this week before the 115th Congress voted to pass Trumpcare, or the American Health Care Act (AHCA), reports Newsweek. Donald Trump’s approval rating today is hovering approximately 20 points below his predecessor, President Obama, at this point in Obama’s first term. Even worse for Donald Trump is the data that shows his approval among his base is dropping, while protests against the recent bill are climbing.

The recent vote to pass the AHCA is the leading cause for the drop in Donald Trump’s approval rating today, and also the leading cause for the climb in protests and Trump regrets since the health care vote this past week. Veterans, a large part of his base, are angry with Donald Trump, as are many of his own voters that depend on Medicaid and other necessary services.

It’s not just veterans that are angry either. With sexual assault now being listed as a pre-existing condition under the new AHCA bill, rape victims will not be able to access treatment or psychiatric services through their insurance companies. One victim took to social media to protest the bill, saying it was unfair that her rapist who was in prison was accessing better health care than she or her daughter would under the new AHCA.

Trump has been the subject of protests since November 9, but what is most problematic for him now is that he is starting to lose his base, slowly, but surely. Many of Donald Trump’s own voters have been tweeting him since the AHCA vote, saying they wanted their vote and their money back and calling him everything from a liar to a loser and a scam artist.

The numbers for Donald Trump’s approval rating today hover around the low 40s. Rasmussen Reports, typically a conservative leaning poll that does not offer transparency on their methodology has Donald Trump’s approval rating at 46 percent as of Friday, with 54 percent disapproving. This is down from Rasmussen Reports numbers that gave Trump a 49 percent approval on Wednesday, the day before the AHCA vote.

On the day of the AHCA vote, Rasmussen polls had Trump at 48 percent approval. By Friday, when reality began to sink in with voters, Donald Trump’s approval rating was 46 percent in a conservative leaning poll. This was his highest approval rating on Friday with other polls showing lower numbers.

Donald Trump Approval Rating Today Trump Regrets
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In March, the first time Trump tried to pass the AHCA, a Quinnipiac University poll found that American voters, both Liberals and Conservatives, were against the vote 3:1 with only 17 percent of Americans saying they were for the new health care plan. Voters, both Democrats and Republicans, said they were most opposed to cuts to Medicaid and Planned Parenthood.

Those sentiments have not changed in two months with the revised bill. Even worse, the latest health care bill was pushed through Congress without having been evaluated by the Congressional Budget Office, or CBO, to determine its impact and cost. The first version of the AHCA in March estimated that 24 million people would lose health insurance within the next 10 years.

But Donald Trump failed to have the CBO review this same impact for this revised bill. Congress approved it anyway. Pundits are saying this puts the bill in jeopardy before it reaches the Senate, as Americans have the rights to know the costs and impact of a health care plan before such an extensive bill could be passed. This has upset Americans and spawned a trend on Twitter with the hashtag #ObamaCareHelpedMe.

Worse than not having a CBO score before passing the bill, Americans are also just now learning that some Republicans did not even read the bill before it was passed. Although, one Republican, Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina said, “I tried.” Republican Rep. Chris Collins also did not read the bill.

Donald Trump’s approval rating today has dropped in other polls as well as the Rasmussen Report as a result of all of these factors. A You Gov poll with the Economist had his approval rating at 43 percent on Wednesday before the AHCA was passed. The latest Gallup numbers for Donald Trump’s approval rating today has him at 42 percent.

Gallup has President Obama’s approval rating at this point in his first term 24 points higher than Donald Trump at 66 percent. Project Five Thirty Eight has Donald Trump’s approval rating today at 42 percent.

In the Economist You Gov poll this week, 34 percent of both Democrats and Republicans polled said they felt that the country was heading in the right direction, and 50 percent said it was off track.

The same voters also said that in four years, 40 percent feel that the United States will be less respected than it is today. Forty-seven percent of the same voters said they feel that cutting the deficit is more important to the country than cutting taxes.

But it is the health care vote this week that is causing the resistance in voters over all sides of the aisle. The Guardian reported on a protest held in New York City the night of the AHCA vote. Protesters were both Republican and Democrat and were embarrassed by the current president.

Trump’s relationship with New York City is complicated at best, with 79 percent of the state of New York voting for Hillary Clinton. When Trump returned to New York this week on his way to New Jersey, he referred to the AHCA vote as an “unbelievable victory” despite the millions that feel they will die or be disenfranchised by the bill if it passes the Senate.

Congress member for Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton called the AHCA vote “the most selfish, cowardly, POLITICAL vote I have ever witnessed in Congress. Every Republican who voted for it should be ashamed.” A Trump voter tweeting to Donald Trump directly also called him a coward, saying, “I want my vote back!! You are a coward that damn sure forgot where the plug is. SAD!”

But Trump did not hear those words and arrived in New York City Thursday night celebrating. New Yorkers met him with protests so vast, the closest he could get to his own home at Trump Tower was 10 blocks away. One New Yorker, Steven McCasland, had a sign saying, “This village does not want its idiot back.”

Steven McCasland also said, “He is an embarrassment to this city. We’re a city of compassionate people and he’s certainly not one of them.”

The Trump regrets are beginning to stack up online as well, by his own voters. This is what is leading to his lower approval ratings this week.

One of Trump’s voters tweeted to Donald Trump directly, from the handle @littledeeds, saying, “I voted for you. If I knew you were going to take my Medicaid away I wouldn’t have. You can’t take our Medicaid away. We need it.”

Another Trump voter said, “TRUMP = FAILURE filled the swamp to the brim with sewage…u won’t get my vote again!!! I want my money back!” One voter also called Donald Trump a liar, “I voted for you cuz I thought you was different from the rest but I see now. You’re the biggest liar of them all.”

The word “loser” also came up from Trump’s own voters since the AHCA. He was also called a scam artist. One voter tweeted Trump directly saying, “Believe me I voted for you and have been kicking myself in the a** ever since. You are nothing but a scam artist.”

Another said directly to Trump, “The bottom line here, Mr. President, is you are basically a born loser. Let’s deal with that and I’ll also accept, I voted for a loser!”

Medicaid and the issue of pre-existing conditions being precluded in the new AHCA are among the top concerns cited by Trump voters. One Trump voter tweeted to Trump calling him a fake president. “Thought you weren’t going to touch Medicaid, just one more lie by the FAKE Prez wish I never voted for you. MISLED by the FAKE PREZ!!!”

Another of Trump’s voters also campaigned for him and now regrets that. “I’m 50+ and I not only voted 4 u but I campaigned for you day and night, now I’m faced with this new health care that is going to cost me 5xs more.”

Another voter tweeting directly to Trump said, “I am watching you destroy people with pre-existing conditions. I voted for you and am unbelievably disappointed in you.”

But Donald Trump has cited the AHCA bill passing a victory, proclaiming, “I’m the president!” shortly thereafter. Average Americans are not the only ones he is upsetting with the new AHCA. Veterans who stand to lose crucial tax credits are angry too.

Veterans are a core part of Donald Trump’s base, as he campaigned on veterans issues and made many promises to them. If he loses them, Donald Trump’s approval rating today will plummet even more in the coming weeks

If the AHCA passes the Senate, it contains language that strips over 7 million veterans of their health care coverage, making cuts to credits that they need to receive health care. Veterans that receive health care outside of the Veterans Affairs system will no longer be able to do this under the new AHCA.

This is problematic as the Veteran Affairs is already overwhelmed with a backlog of cases, a problem that has only grown since Trump froze federal hiring and made cuts to Veteran Affairs reports Share Blue.

Will Fischer, an Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Outreach for Vote Vets slammed the AHCA in an email.

“What started as a bad bill has now turned into a grotesque Frankenstein monster, a crude and rushed patchwork of mini-bills that hurt people who can least afford it. Now we find out that Trumpcare will strip tax credits from potentially millions of veterans, and flood the VA with new patients at a time the VA is understaffed to handle a rush thanks to the Donald Trump’s hiring freeze.”

Fischer also says that since the hiring freeze went into effect, wait times have already lengthened, a backlog that President Obama had eliminated.

“We cannot put it more simply than this: Trumpcare will punish veterans. You cannot be pro-veteran and vote for Trumpcare.”

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When Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about the effects to veterans at Friday’s daily briefing, he asked the reporter in question if he was correct that veterans are receiving Tri-Care or Medicare if they are over 65, suggesting that veterans would not be impacted by the bill. But reporter John Gizzi said that the Veteran Affairs program was one program, while the other Tri Care is the option, and that both have tax credits that would be cut, impacting over seven million veterans.

Sean Spicer’s response was, “Yeah, I – I’d have to follow up with you, I’m not aware of any modifications to Tri-Care.” Perhaps Sean Spicer has not read the bill either.

Trump’s relationship with veterans is as complicated as his relationship with New York. Veterans have been protesting him long before the election, with one saying, “Trump needs to stop, he’s, he’s using veterans as props.” Another said, “No matter how much he donates, he still does not stand for the values that veterans stand for.”

The changes to American’s health care with the AHCA is impacting Donald Trump’s approval rating today. Worse for Trump, they are leading to a dramatic rash of Trump regrets and big gaps widening in his base and even getting wider by the day.

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