‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: Release Date Just Posted For May 2017, New ‘COC’ Update Includes Resource Sharing?

A Clash of Clans update that users have been waiting for may finally have a drop date. This new Clash of Clans update has been hinted at, hyped up, and discussed on the forums for the game over what seems like months now. Most Supercell users know by now that there is a mystery boat which has appeared on everyone’s main village. Now there is a strong indication from a Supercell staff member that the long-awaited COC update may be just around the corner.

Early on Saturday (May 6), Supercell forum moderator LachNessBoatster made an interesting update to a post that already has more than 600 responses. That response is also muddled in mystery, as it is about as clear as mud in how it presents new information for gamers. Does it really reveal the release date of this May 2017 Clash of Clans update? Maybe it is just another teaser intended to create interest and generate buzz on social media?

“Alas… the time has come. Update Radar: Not before 11th of May (doesn’t mean on 12th of May).”

So what does all this mean? Reading the text exactly as it was posted has suggested to a lot of users that the “huge” 2017 update is going to come on May 11. That would put it roughly five days from being implemented and give the programmers a little more time to work out any possible bugs. Less enthusiastic members of the forum have suggested that this could mean there is no official date, but rather an indication that the next 2017 Clash Of Clans update simply won’t be taking place before May 11.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, two videos have been released by Supercell that depict how the mystery broken boat could be used within the game. Those videos have received thousands of views already, though it presents more of a backstory for characters (primarily Hog Rider) instead of covering the functionality of the boat (or ship) and how it will impact gameplay. That hasn’t stopped literally hundreds of new Clash of Clans rumors from popping up, including several lists of suggested leaks that could be part of the upcoming COC update.

If the May 11 Clash of Clans update is correct and a list posted on Twitter is also correct, then there could be a lot of new improvements to the game that will impress users. One of the big improvements that doesn’t relate to the boats, is where users can donate resources to clan mates. This would mean the ability would surface to share gold, elixir, and dark elixir with clan mates who need it to build up their villages or war troops. That would be a huge change to the game, opening the door for friends to really be able to work together at building up their Town Hall levels.

As for how the boats themselves could be used, there are suggestions that they will take users to a second village where a new “night mode” is used. Much like fixing up the Clan Castle, the boats will likely have to be fixed before they can be taken to sea. If the Clash of Clans rumors are true, the boat will transport users to a place where Clash Tournaments will take place. That arena would be a place where Supercell gamers could enjoy a new aspect to the game while their primary village is still participating in Clan Wars.

There is still growing excitement for the possible COC update, especially since the forum moderators keep giving heavy hints that it is just a few more days until users will get to enjoy the new game platform. Can the end result actually live up to all the hype though? Will these next changes actually be seen as a bigger improvement to the game than when Clan Wars was introduced? While users can postulate, hypothesize, and hope about what might be coming with the broken boat addition, waiting for the May 2017 Clash of Clans update is still the only solution.

[Featured Image by Ted S. Warren/AP Images]