Nintendo NES Classic Edition In Stock Update: Where And How You Can Still Get One

Following its discontinuation, NES Classic Edition stocks are now scarcer than ever. If fans weren’t panicking before, they are now because Nintendo has stopped producing units. But all hope is not lost, as some stores still regularly receive small shipments every now and then.

Where To Find NES Classic Stocks

As of now, you can still score some available NES Classic Editions on Amazon. There are plenty of independent sellers asking for as little as $169 to as much as $599. The lowest priced ones are still fairly expensive though, considering that the original selling price of one unit is $59.99 only without an extra controller.

Walmart has stocks of NES Classic Edition
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But if you’re looking at retail stores, your best bets are Walmart and Target. Just a few days ago, I4U reported that a bunch of Walmart and Target stores received some stocks of the NES Classic Edition. Although the number is way lower than before, there’s still hope as stores get restocked with a few units regularly even after the product has been discontinued by Nintendo.

Even Toys ‘R’ Us, which has now removed the item from its website, in Cedar Hill, Texas, got some stock three days ago. But of course, the NES Classic did not last long.

If you don’t want to buy an NES Classic Edition from resellers, it’s best to check out tracker websites like iStockNow and Brickseek. The former has listed Walmart in Slidell, LA or Saraland, AL as having received some stock just a few hours ago. A Target store in Oahu-Honololo West, HI and a GameStop in Union City, TN also got some units a few hours ago, according to the listing.

You can also set up notifications from these websites, should you want to be immediately informed when a store near you updates their NES Classic inventory.

What Do You Do When A Store Receives Stock

We all know the feeling of arriving in a store hours before it opens, yet somehow still failing to get even one. A lot of fans who must absolutely get their NES Classic fix were successful by waiting for hours or driving miles, but if you’re one who is not, here are a couple of tips to help you get one before all stores run out.

This first tip is from commenters on BrickSeek, who claim that this trick works. As there’s no harm in doing this, it’s definitely recommended to try this tip as some employees are allegedly hiding stocks for themselves.

If you receive a notification from a website saying that a store got some NES Classic Edition, go there immediately providing that you’re not doing anything more important. When you get there and the employees say they haven’t received any, ask them to check the stock room. If they won’t do it for you, ask for a supervisor or a manager.

Another tip is to be patient. Redditor FreakyFruit shared their experience in getting an NES Classic Edition, and it was a successful venture thanks to the websites mentioned earlier and a lot of patience. As can be taken away from the Reddit user’s story, you must be prepared to drive 100 miles or more and you must be flexible enough to check out other stores that are green-lit by the tracker websites.

Nintendo discontinues NES Classic Edition for the Mini SNES
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Meanwhile, Nintendo is already hard at work at bringing back another classic console – the Mini SNES – to the market by the end of the year. While thousands of fans are still going crazy over the now discontinued NES Classic Edition, the gaming company is already preparing another platform that Inquisitr believes to get the fans even crazier.

Have you gotten an NES Classic Edition yet? Share with us how you got one!

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