Kendall Jenner, A$ap Rocky Romance: Photos Indicate They Have Intimate ‘KUWTK’ Sex, Expert Claims

Kendall Jenner and A$ap Rocky are definitely having sex if one is to believe body language expert Patti Wood’s comments.

Kendall and A$ap were all over one another at the Met Gala earlier this week, and while they have both denied claims regarding a supposed relationship, Kendall Jenner’s closeness to the rapper was undeniable throughout the night.

Photos that surfaced showed Kendall Jenner cozying up to Rocky as he placed his hands around her thighs, while another image sees the twosome hugging one another for what appeared to be a bathroom selfie with Kylie and Kim Kardashian.

Patti Wood, via Hollywood Life, is convinced that Kendall Jenner is seeing the 28-year-old, and it wouldn’t come as a shock because fans have seen the duo share some very questionable photos in the past that would be deemed beyond a standard friendship.

Kendall Jenner makes it no secret that she likes her personal life to remain as private as possible, despite being on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so if her alleged romance with A$ap Rocky can remain hidden from the tabloids, that’s exactly what she’ll attempt to do.

Unfortunately for Kendall Jenner, however, Patti Wood reveals that there’s plenty of sex going on between the model and her rapper boyfriend, which she claims is obvious just by seeing how affectionate the duo is with one another. It’s beyond a friendship level at this given point.

“I like the candid photo of them on the red carpet where he has his hand slightly touching her rear end and he is brushing up next to her, which says ‘She’s mine,'” an insider shared to the outlet.

“They are both leaning into each other with big, authentic smiles. Their heads are tilted together and they have matching smiles. They are having an intimate moment here with each other, which suggests that they have had other intimate moments together.”

One particular photo, Patti mentions, seems to show Kendall Jenner happy and comforted by her alleged boyfriend, with no care in the world about the photographers and people around them — almost as if Kendall has lost herself in Rocky’s world.

And, of course, it wasn’t just the photos that gave the impression the two are hooking up. Kendall Jenner and A$ap spent the majority of the night together, allegedly even attending Rihanna’s after party together, but never hand-in-hand.

Not that it matters, as Wood continues to add, “I also like them in Kylie Jenner’s selfie photo that was taken in the bathroom.”

“I like how they have their faces close to each other. He has a huge smile on his face, which shows connection and happiness. Kendall looks happy and sultry. Overall, the photos of them together indicate they are having sex.”

News of Kendall Jenner’s romance with A$ap Rocky comes just weeks after the model found herself in a chaotic controversy concerning her Pepsi commercial, which critics described as “disturbing” and “out of touch with reality,” People reports.

The ad, which has since been pulled by Pepsi, sees Kendall Jenner offer a police guard a can of the beverage in the midst of a rowdy protest. The drink is symbolized as being something that can stop critical and political problems which many people took offense to, causing Kendall Jenner to keep a low profile until the controversy died out.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]