One Man’s Utterly Bizarre ‘Frog Prince’ Perversion To Lure And Rob Gay Sex Partners

Earlier today, The Star reported an utterly bizarre series of incidents in which a Malaysian man tricked other men into having sex with him and giving him money by telling them he was a woman trapped in a male body. Not as in a transgender man who feels like a female despite being born anatomically male. Literally, a beautiful woman who has been imprisoned in a man’s body and could only be freed through sex. The story is remarkable, to say the least.

According to the coverage, which originally appeared in Mandarin in The China Press, the man, who is from the Malaysian state of Kedah, began his campaign by logging onto social media and engaging in the practice referred to as “catfishing.” In other words, he posed as an attractive woman and tried to get dates. As one might guess, he did not have too much trouble finding a man to come meet him after he began employing the dishonest technique.

Catfishing -- fake online dating
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When the arranged meet-up took place, however, the victim obviously realized they had been duped by a man. To prevent his catch from walking off, though, the offending party would insist he is actually a female trapped in a man’s body and would beg the poor victim to have pity on him. Furthermore, he said that the one way to trigger his release would be for him to ingest the victim’s ejaculate. Almost like the classic story where a princess is turned into a frog and can only be changed back by receiving a kiss from the one man she truly loves. In this case, though, the princess who needs a kiss from her one true love is a lying Malaysian man who needs to have gay oral sex. Not quite as innocent.

Believe it or not, the story gets even more ridiculous.

Presumably before the sex act occurred, the man would promise the victim that he would marry them as a woman under one condition: the victim had to pay a dowry first, as is traditional in Kedah. Not wanting to have sex before marriage to fact-check the man’s story, the victims would pay up.

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After receiving the money, the man would disappear. This happened multiple times with multiple male victims.

In the end, the victims themselves were the ones to trace the man and bring him to justice. They then turned him over to local police.

This story raises a lot of questions, the chief one obviously being why even one man would be taken in by such an outlandish story. Although Care 2 notes that transgender people are subject to extremely severe discrimination in Malaysian culture, it is possible local mythology made the man’s tale seem more credible, but to pony up money (and probably not an inconsiderable sum) just because of one man’s strange account certainly seems unwise.

One can only imagine that the man’s victims were either extremely gullible or not too bright, either.

Although no cases quite so outlandish as this one have yet occurred in America, stories like it where straight men are tempted into gay sex are surprisingly common.

For example, Ranker reveals that increasingly more straight men are turning to the M4M (man for man) personals section on Craigslist.

“The reason so many straight men indulge their bi-curiosity on Craigslist,” reflects the article, which is written by a seasoned gay Craigslist veteran, “is that they simply get fed up looking for women only to get scammed over and over again.”

Obviously, this practice is not criminal like the dishonest tactics used by the one Malaysian man to find gay sex, but it is anecdotally similar in that it shows just how much some men will do for the promise of casual sex.

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