How Scott Disick Caused Another Kim Kardashian Meltdown

If you ever need to go through an emotional meltdown, call Scott Disick (and preferably have your sister dating him prior to that) and hear him complaining about your sister cheating on him.

That’s what happened to Kim Kardashian on her recent trip to Dubai with Scott Disick, ex-boyfriend and the father to all three of Kourtney Kardashian’s children.

Scott Disick, who has recently admitted that his heart still beats for the “love of his life,” decided to show Kim Kardashian that he’s over her sister by allegedly having sex with “a wh*re” in his hotel room.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians – in its usual manner – showed during Sunday’s episode that the Kardashian-Jenner family is full of scandals and controversies.

Kim Kardashian, who is trying to ease back into her public life after the traumatic experience of getting robbed and held at gunpoint by five masked men in Paris last October, decided to go on a trip to Dubai for a Masterclass and took Scott Disick along with her – a decision she later regretted.

While it’s difficult for Kim Kardashian to be stepping back into the spotlight after the Paris robbery, Scott Disick caused another Kim Kardashian meltdown – something that certainly doesn’t help the wife of Kanye West to calm her nerves.

Sunday’s episode of KUWTK showed Scott Disick complaining to Kim Kardashian that her sister Kourtney had allegedly cheated on him, according to People magazine.

Scott Disick says he heard a rumor that Kourtney was hooking up with someone, and the father of her three kids – who recently revealed that he had proposed to Kourtney, but she turned him down – didn’t take it well at all.

Kourtney and Scott Disick broke up nearly two years ago after nine years of dating. And although the latest rumors indicate that the former couple and parents of their three kids have been seeing each other lately, Kourtney doesn’t seem to be interested in getting back together as other rumors indicate that she has been hooking up with other men, too.

And Scott Disick, who decided to pour out his heart to Kim Kardashian during the latest episode of KUWTK, seems to be very upset about his ex-girlfriend spending time with other men, something Disick calls “probably the worst thing I could hear ever.”

“I don’t think she realized that a friend of mine saw her. When I called her and asked and she blatantly lied to me.”

Kim Kardashian knew that Scott Disick was up to something when she got notified via security that her Dubai trip companion was drunk.

Kim Kardashian, who said during her on-camera interview that it “just sucks” that Scott Disick is drinking over the rumors about her sister Kourtney, raced into his hotel room with cameras to see something that will probably be a major obstacle in the way of Kourtney and Disick getting back together.

Kim Kardashian knew that something was up, as she said during her on-camera interview that Scott Disick had “a f***ing girl hiding somewhere,” and so she started looking for the mysterious girl all over his suite.

Just before things got chaotic, Scott Disick admitted to a KUWTK producer that he was “going to have a heart attack.”

“Yup this is going to be really awkward.”

And things really did get awkward when Kim Kardashian found that the bathroom door was locked. Kim, who still hasn’t fully recovered after the traumatic Paris robbery, freaked out and broke into the locked door.

And that’s where the random girl – with her face blurred out – appeared in front of her. Kim Kardashian didn’t shy away from calling the girl a “wh*re,” “tramp,” and “groupie,” telling the girl to get her “sh*t” and get out of the hotel room.

It’s unclear if Scott Disick had actually slept with the girl before Kim Kardashian broke into his hotel room with cameras. This is something KUWTK viewers will have to wait until next Sunday’s episode to find out.

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