Travis Scott: His Romantic First Kiss With Kylie Jenner Amid Tyga Split Revealed

Travis Scott can't get enough of Kylie Jenner, having reportedly gushed about his first kiss with the reality star just last week.

The rapper has allegedly been dating Jenner for a couple of weeks now, but their first kiss didn't happen until his birthday bash, where the likes of Kendall, Hailey Baldwin, and Bella Hadid showed up to celebrate and party.

Fans are given the impression that Kylie definitely wanted to make sure she wasn't rushing into anything by confirming her romance to Travis Scott right away — after all, it only took her two weeks to move on from Tyga before she started seeing the rapper.

Travis Scott has been very relaxed with the situation. He's more or less been on the same page as Kylie, by trying to figure out whether getting together is the right move for them, and whether or not they can actually be a couple together.

But after his birthday party last week, it seems as if Travis Scott and Jenner have figured out that making a pairing wouldn't be such a bad idea, having shared their first kiss together, and evidently letting friends and family members know that they are certainly dating.

Travis Scott says his birthday celebration was definitely a night to remember, not only because it's the first time he kissed Kylie, but also because of the fact that she was willing to travel across the country to support him on his big day.

Travis Scott can't believe Jenner ended up coming along with all of her own friends, it shows to him that she really trusts being around him, and most importantly, it's given Travis the thought that there's already a certain comfortability on Kylie's side that has her introducing her friends to him at such an early point in their relationship.

"Travis is still on cloud 9," one of Scott's friends allegedly told Hollywood Life. "His birthday was lit to the max and memorable and it was all thanks to Kylie. She made his birthday. Seeing her looking sexy af, with that precious smile on her face and her genuine love for him was enough.

"He couldn't stop looking at her. He's honored that she brought her sister and friends, they're mad chill, but his eyes were on Kylie only! They were holding hands most of the night. They all sang happy birthday to him and he and Kylie kissed in front of her girls and they all melted! Kendall was like awwww and everybody took pictures of the two of them kissing after they sang happy B-day to him."

News of Travis Scott's romance with Kylie Jenner comes just weeks after the reality star was said to have ended her relationship with her former boyfriend, Tyga, as reported by Mirror.

After a string of alleged feuds and arguments, Travis Scott's current girlfriend decided to pull the plug and move on with her life, insisting that she was still friends with Tyga despite their decision to part ways.

Insiders, however, stress that the "Rack City" star is far from happy about Kylie having moved on with Travis Scott just two weeks after ending her romance with Tyga — it made it seem as if Jenner didn't care too deeply about the romance and found it rather simple to move on.

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