Onward Together: Hillary Clinton Set To Launch Political Group To Fund The Resistance Against Trump [Report]

Hillary Clinton is reportedly stepping back into the political spotlight after declaring herself “part of the resistance” by launching a new political fundraising group for “organizations she cares about,” according to a report by Politico. Sources with knowledge of her plans revealed that Clinton is working with former campaign aides and donors to launch a new political organization, expected to be called Onward Together, that will fund groups resisting the policies and political agenda of the administration of President Donald Trump.

Clinton’s latest move, according to analysts, confirms previous hints that despite her devastating loss to Trump in the 2016 general election, her political career is not over. She hopes to be able to help Democrats in upcoming elections, although she has no plans to run for president again, sources reportedly said.

Significantly, Clinton still commands a strong following among Democrats, despite having failed two times in her bid for the White House.

Sources close to the former Democratic presidential candidate said that Clinton could launch the group as early as next week. But ahead of the launch, Clinton has been meeting with a broad spectrum of political allies to discuss plans for the launch. She has also been meeting with donors in Washington and New York City, and working with close aides to evaluate groups in the fore-front of the so-called “resistance” that could benefit from outside funding.

Sources with knowledge of the plans said that when Clinton and her aides identify a group they believe could be helped to widen its reach and enhance its effectiveness through funding, they will espouse the cause of the group by connecting it with donors and helping it to raise funds.

“This is something she’s really fired up about, the opportunity to help lift up all the groups that are working to harness the energy and activism since the election and turn it into action,” a source told People. “She’s met with a lot of them, they’re organizing, recruiting young people to run, and giving them the tools they need to succeed, and she’s been inspired by it. So she’s going to be really focused on supporting these groups and their efforts.”

Besides supporting progressive political activist groups, Clinton’s organization will also help Democratic Party candidates running in elections to raise funds, according to a report by the Independent. The group will also support organizations working to help women and girls, groups campaigning against climate change, and groups fighting for economic equality.

“I’m now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance,” Clinton said during a Q&A session with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour last Tuesday.

Sources familiar with ongoing plans said the new group will be named Onward Together. According to CNN, the idea of launching a group that funds progressive activism was floated a few months ago after Clinton met with young progressive activists.

The organization will maintain a small staff consisting mostly of aides working with Clinton to manage the organization on a day-to-day basis. But Clinton is reportedly in the process of recruiting qualified individuals to compose a board of directors.

Sources said that Clinton’s longtime ally and party strategist Minyon Moore will likely be included in the board of directors.

Aides currently working with Clinton on the project include Dennis Cheng, her former campaign finance director and former chief development officer for the Clinton Foundation. Cheng has been working to bring in donors. Others include Judith McHale, Clinton’s undersecretary of state when she was the secretary of state, and finally, former Vermont governor Howard Dean, according to Politico.

Clinton’s move comes at a time that the Democratic Party is searching for new visionary leadership in the struggle to recover from recent electoral setbacks. Critics, however, believe that Clinton could not provide the quality of leadership that the party needs to face current challenges.

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