Is Ryan Seacrest Returning To ‘American Idol’? Talent Show Set For Reboot On ABC In March 2018

Is Ryan Seacrest returning to American Idol? Reports are suggesting that ABC might soon be airing a reboot for one of America's most watched talent shows by March 2018.

According to TMZ, ABC has been wanting to reboot Idol since it became available for bidding and "is far along in the negotiations with Fremantle, which produces the show."

While the outlet initially thought that the show's longtime host, Ryan Seacrest, will no longer be involved, an unexpected turn of events seemed to have affected the plan entirely.

As most Inquisitr readers would know, Ryan had recently been announced as the new and permanent Kelly Ripa co-host on Live! which has been renamed as Live with Kelly and Ryan. But less than a week after he started with the syndicated daytime show, it seems like ABC's bigger plan is leaking out with news about the American Idol reboot emerging.

According to Radar Online, the reason why ABC tapped the 42-year-old multi-job host for Live! is because they want him on board the American Idol reboot as well.

"It's like Kelly has been betrayed all over again. Ryan wasn't her first choice, but she was convinced by the network that he would bring in a list guests and ratings," an insider reportedly knowledgeable about the matter told the outlet.

"Now she has found out that it is all about Idol and not really just about her!"
On top of that, the source claimed that Ryan Seacrest's return to American Idol had been planned and the male host "knew it all along."

"She seems livid. Ryan knew all along what was going on, but once again, everyone kept her in the dark," the source added, referring to Kelly Ripa's reaction to the news.

On top of that, TMZ revealed that "Fremantle has always wanted Ryan as the host of the reboot" and that the production firm is urging ABC to run the show on Sunday nights for the 42-year-old host to be able to squeeze it in his already tight schedule.

Still, these are mere speculation as TMZ reveals ABC's plans to announce details about the show at the Upfronts in the near future.

What we do know based on a report from People is that Ryan Seacrest "has a lot of affection for the show." Citing an unnamed source, the outlet revealed that the Idol reboot is facing a couple of hurdles before it reaches the final stage.

"While there are some ongoing discussions for bringing back Idol, there are some very major hurdles they need to get done."
A second source confirms this and explained that while the show will return, negotiations are "far from anything formal." On top of that, the source revealed that one major obstacle is Seacrest's incredibly hectic schedule.
"As for Ryan, his plate is obviously pretty full already — his priority is Live with Kelly and Ryan, he has big commitments to iHeartRadio daily and the syndicated radio show," the source said, referring to the $73 million radio deal he signed as recently reported by the Inquisitr.

"That said, Ryan has a lot of affection for Idol given the significance to his career, and it taps into the things he loves — a live show, pop music, discovering new talent, etc," the source added.

Again, nothing is a done deal yet so all these are still speculative and hearsay until ABC officially makes the announcement.

Do you think Ryan Seacrest should host ABC's American Idol reboot? If so, would you still want him as Kelly Ripa's co-host on Live!?

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