E9 Update: Saying Goodbye To SWFL Eagle As Harriet And M15 Return To Nest, Watch Live Cam

On May 5, 2017, it became apparent that E9 has finally left the nest. The sole eaglet for the 2016-2017 Southwest Florida (SWFL) eagle season, E9 has captivated thousands of viewers since hatching on New Year’s Eve. E9 is a beautiful, strong bald eagle who lived in the nest with his parents Harriet and M15 and entertained countless via the live eagle cam that streams from Dick Pritchett’s property in North Fort Myers, Florida.

The operators of the SWFL eagle cam announced that E9 has not been seen since Tuesday, May 3, 2017. You may see a Facebook status update shared by the official Southwest Florida eagle cam website below that reveals the news of E9’s departure. Though E9 has not been seen, Harriet and M15 returned to the nest they shared with E9 and were viewed on the live eagle cam together on Friday evening.

Watch SWFL Live Eagle Cam as Harriet and M15 Return to the Nest