Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt Rumored To Star In New Film, Role Reportedly Meant For Angelina Jolie

Ever since Brad Pitt broke up with Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood hunk has allegedly started reaching out to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. The former husband and wife have supposedly started talking and they may even do a movie together. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, the 53-year-old actor is looking for a leading lady for his upcoming science fiction film Ad Astra and he wanted the 48-year-old actress to get the role.

Jennifer and Brad dated for two years and were married for four years, but have never worked on a movie together. The actor had a guest appearance on the popular sitcom Friends and fans were thrilled to see the A-listers together on TV. In the sitcom episode, Aniston, who starred as Rachel Green, was surprised to find out that her boyfriend Ross (David Schwimmer) was part of the “I Hate Rachel” club. Here’s a scene from the hilarious Thanksgiving episode:

According to NW magazine, the Fury actor has been trying to convince his director James Gray to get Jennifer to co-star in the new movie. Pitt knows that a double billing with Aniston will boost the ratings and ticket sales of the film.

“Teaming up with Jen would absolutely guarantee that the movie would be a huge hit,” an insider said. “When they were married, Brad and Jen always wanted to work together but the right project…just never materialised.”

The Horrible Bosses star is reportedly interested in taking up her ex-husband’s offer because it has been her dream to move past comedies and start doing more dramatic roles. Apart from earning big bucks with this new project, this will also be Pitt’s ultimate revenge on Angelina Jolie. According to rumors, the role was originally meant for the 41-year-old actress and there’s no other woman that gets under her skin than Jennifer.

“Stepping into her shoes will be the sweetest revenge,” a source said.

Two years ago, Pitt and Jolie reunited on the big screen in By The Sea but it didn’t do well unlike their 2005 film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The screen heartthrob probably thought that co-starring with America’s sweetheart Aniston will help boost his career again.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
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Ever since Jennifer and Brad got divorced, the two have never been seen in the same event or gathering maybe to avoid having an awkward run-in. Now that the Maleficent star has ditched the actor, he’s rumored to have finally gotten a chance to get in touch with his first wife again. According to Us Weekly, Pitt has been texting Aniston. He was reportedly able to track down her cellphone number through common friends so he can greet her on her birthday.

“They started talking once he wished her a happy birthday,” an insider revealed.

“Brad told Jen he’s having a hard time with his split and they exchanged a few texts reminiscing about the past,” their source added.

The actor has been going through a difficult divorce because there are children involved and he wanted to get joint custody of Maddox, 15; Pax, 13; Zahara, 12; Shiloh, 10; and 8-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. Jennifer’s husband Justin Theroux is aware that the actress is talking to her ex-husband but he is fine with them being friends, according to reports.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston
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The Fight Club star had lost a lot of weight ever since the split, and this reportedly made the Mother’s Day actress worried. Yahoo! Lifestyle reported that Jennifer has been asking some people to check on her ex daily. Apart from a life coach, therapist, and yoga instructor, she has also been sending trainers and chef nutritionists to his house to take care of him mentally and physically, according to recent claims.

“Aniston says after everything they’ve been through…she feels extremely protective of Brad and she feels a duty to support him,” an insider told Woman’s Day. “Jen will drop everything to be by Brad’s side right now.”

Since Justin Theroux is fine by his wife’s alleged newfound friendship with her ex, then there is a big chance that he will support Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt if they happen to push through doing a movie together.

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