June 29, 2017
Kanye West Cancels Tyga Record Deal After Kylie Jenner Split, Since She’s Dating Travis Scott?

Kanye West would drop Tyga from his GOOD Music record label in a heartbeat if Kylie Jenner was to feel uncomfortable with the idea of her brother-in-law doing business with her ex-boyfriend.

As previously revealed, Kylie and Tyga called it quits in March, and with the socialite already having moved on to Travis Scott, who is not only signed to Kanye's label, but also known to be a close pal, West would immediately side with Jenner if she were to tell him that she doesn't like him working with Tyga anymore.

It should be stressed that Kylie was the one who allegedly told Kanye West to sign Tyga to begin with. After having left Cash Money, the "Faded" rapper found himself being signed to Kanye West's record company, though fans have yet to see him release any music under the music firm.

The fact that Tyga hasn't released any material under Kanye West's label would make the firing that much easier, because, though they have been friends for a couple of years now, Kanye West reportedly shares a much deeper bond with Scott than with the Tyga.

Taking that into consideration, if Kanye West had to make a decision, he would not hesitate to drop the 27-year-old in favor of staying on good terms with Travis Scott and fulfilling his sister-in-law's wishes to avoid any further awkwardness between the ex-couple.

"If Kylie [Jenner] wanted to be petty, she could probably get Kanye [West] to drop Tyga from his label," an insider tells Hollywood Life. "I'm not saying she's going to do that, I don't think she's that bitter. But if it came down to it and that's what the family wanted I'm sure Kanye wouldn't even question it. His loyalty is going to be with Kylie and the family over Tyga."

"Kanye isn't trying to take sides but if it comes down to it, his loyalty is going to be with Travis over Tyga. He's got a much stronger connection with Travis. Kanye respects him as a producer, not just an artist. And they connect on the whole fashion vibe too. They're on the same page."

Tyga has kept a relatively low profile since his split from Kylie Jenner. He has yet to comment on rumors regarding the chances of his contract with Kanye West record label being shred to pieces now that he's no longer dating the 19-year-old.

As the source already mentions, Kylie isn't that petty to mess up somebody else's money, especially since her romance with Tyga lasted for quite a long time. She wouldn't run to Kanye West and convince him to get rid of her ex-boyfriend just because they are no longer together, the insider added.

What Kylie does hope, however, is that there's no sort of harsh feelings of awkwardness in future encounters, because from what sources have gathered, Tyga was livid when he found out that Kylie was already seeing Travis just two weeks after calling it quits with the "Rack City" star.

It was a slap in the face for Tyga, BET claims, who would be even more bothered by the idea of then being dropped by Kanye West over Jenner's discomfort in such situations regarding her ex-boyfriend. She just wants to remain cordial and move on with her life.

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]