Tristan Thompson Hinting At Khloe Kardashian Split By Spending Time With Baby Mama Jordan Craig?

Tristan Thompson has reportedly been spending a significant amount of time with his baby mama Jordan Craig, to the point where sources believe that his romance with Khloe Kardashian will soon be coming to an end, it has been alleged.

Tristan Thompson and the reality star have been seeing each other since last summer, and while things have been going great between them, the basketball star was already expecting a child with Craig at the time of their get-together.

It made things rather difficult as Jordan was no longer just an ex-girlfriend but the mother of his child, meaning that he would still have to stay in touch with her, at least for the sake of their child together.

When the baby was born in December, Tristan Thompson definitely stepped up to the plate in being the best possible father, but insiders are now giving off the impression that the 26-year-old could potentially want to reconcile with his former flame with the more time he spends with his child.

It would be devastating for Khloe, Radar Online notes, who has allegedly told family and friends that she sees herself having a future with Tristan Thompson — she’s even given interviews, stressing that she definitely wants children and get married but she wouldn’t want to pressure her man with all that he has going on. But it’s definitely something she wants.

With that in mind, it’s going to be rather challenging for Khloe to accept the fact that as the child gets older, Tristan Thompson will be even more involved in Craig’s life since she currently holds custody of their child together.

Tristan’s romance with Khloe has been going great, but with his Cavaliers teammates depending on him to help them win another championship while juggling fatherhood and seeing his child as much as he can, his relationship with Kardashian is slowly but surely being affected by all of it.

There’s no chance that Tristan Thompson would even consider the idea of settling down with Khloe at this given point in all that he has going on — his main focus right now is raising his child and doing his best with the Cavaliers, giving off the thought that his priorities with Khloe have fallen to the back.

“Tristan [Thompson] needs to focus on his job, which is getting the Cavs back to the finals,” an insider tells Hollywood Life. “But he is also spending more time with his baby and baby mama Jordan Craig. Tristan still cares for his ex Jordan and having a baby with her has only strengthened that bond.”

Khloe Kardashian would reportedly be devastated if the relationship was to fall apart over Tristan Thompson’s baby with Jordan, but she understands that she entered the romance knowing that there was a child on the way for the 26-year-old.

With Khloe being 32, she is often said to be wondering how difficult it will be to conceive if she continues to wait any longer. She knows she wants to be a mother and settle down, but under the current circumstances, Khloe is well aware that Tristan Thompson isn’t in the mindset to take on those kinds of responsibilities right now.

What do you think? Could this be early signs of a potential split between the reality star and Tristan Thompson?

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