June 29, 2017
Bella Hadid: How She Reportedly Avoided Selena Gomez Amid Feud Over The Weeknd Romance

Bella Hadid tried her hardest to avoid an awkward run-in with Selena Gomez at the Met Gala, having reportedly ended their friendship once learning about the singer's decision in going on to date The Weeknd.

Bella, who famously dated the R&B star for several years, was alleged to have ended the romance back in November, claiming that the couple was too busy to see one another, insisting that they should take a break until their schedules find themselves to be less hectic.

In that time, however, sources claims that Bella Hadid would go on to find out that The Weeknd had moved on to Selena, who the model has allegedly considered a close pal. Bella Hadid was livid because Selena hadn't even bothered to give her supposed friend a heads-up on the situation, which ultimately tore their friendship apart.

Now that months have gone by since Gomez and The Weeknd confirmed their romance, the Met Gala was one of the events Bella Hadid most certainly didn't want to face an awkward run-in with either one of the stars, having wanted to do nothing but celebrate fashion for the night.

Bella has told friends and family members that she's moved on and can be cordial, but she most certainly didn't want to have any sort of altercation with her ex-boyfriend and Selena, simply because she supposedly wouldn't quite know how to handle the thought of seeing the duo together just yet.

For the most part, Bella Hadid remained very professional throughout the night. Through the help of her best pal Kendall Jenner, the 20-year-old was able to avoid seeing Selena and The Weeknd at all times, even at the after party that all of the stars attended afterward, Hollywood Life reports.

"Bella did her best to avoid awkward Met Gala run-ins with lots of help from her friend, Kendall," a source shares. "At both the MET and at Rihanna's after party, Kendall and Bella were never far apart from each other."

"Bella totally kept Kendall close for support during a night where they, and all of their best friends, just wanted to have fun and celebrate fashion. Bella was appreciative to have the extra sets of eyes always scanning the room to keep her safe from any uncomfortable situations."
In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, according to Daily Mail, Bella Hadid had noted that she's not looking to date anytime soon, stressing that her main priority, for the time being, is to simply focus her attention on her booming career, insinuating that she doesn't need the drama that comes with seeing other people right now.

When Bella Hadid learned about Selena and The Weeknd's romance, she reportedly told friends, who also happen to be pals with Gomez, that they should choose between the two because there was no way she was going to remain close with people who couldn't see how disrespectful it was to not be informed about the romance.

Bella confided in her sister Gigi Hadid, who reportedly helped her sibling get through the tough breakup, but as expected, the stunning model was able to gather herself together and not let the situation phase her too deeply.

It's an adjusting factor for Bella Hadid to accept that The Weeknd has moved on, but she's held herself together well enough to accept that and do the same.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]