WWE News: Charlotte Flair Nude Photos Leak Doesn't Stop Women's Star From Standing Tall In Cardiff

The recent WWE news of a Charlotte Flair nude photos being leaked online hasn't stopped the women's superstar from continuing to show her strength as the "Queen." The former WWE Raw Women's Champion was recently in action as part of an overseas tour involving WWE superstars. In addition to working a match, she has been active on her social media account and has been getting plenty of fan support, showing that the hacker who tried to exploit her private content isn't winning.

A day ago, websites began to report that Charlotte Flair was the latest victim of having her private device or accounts hacked so that her personal photos could be released online. The pictures quickly circulated online at various websites looking to capitalize on them. As Maxim reported, Charlotte quickly tweeted that the photos were shared without her permission and needed to be taken down immediately. It was similar to the tweet sent by fellow WWE women's star Paige about a month ago when she also fell prey to being hacked and having her explicit photos and videos leaked online.

WWE SmackDown Live Carmella Natalya attack Charlotte
On SmackDown Live Carmella and Natalya attacked Charlotte before, during, and after a tag team main event match. [Image by WWE]

That news broke about two days after Charlotte had appeared on an episode of SmackDown Live from Fresno, California. She made history during that particular show as she became the first women's star to compete in the main event for a Raw, SmackDown, and at a pay-per-view show. While that episode featured a heel stable consisting of Natalya, Carmella, and Nia Jax attack Charlotte and two other women, the attack on her privacy a few days later was even worse. However, it seems that Charlotte is refusing to let this incident get in the way of her wrestling work.

On Friday, Charlotte competed along with other WWE superstars at a live show in Cardiff, Wales, as part of their overseas tour. The Top Rope Press website indicated in their Cardiff show results that there was a five-woman match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship. Naomi defended her title against Natalya, Carmella, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair in the match. As seen recently on SmackDown, there appears to be a division being set up between two sides, with Charlotte looking to become a "face" and align herself with the champion Naomi, as well as Becky Lynch.

A tweet posted on Friday evening from Charlotte Flair read, "Fall down. Stand up. Straighten your crown. Carry on. Woooo! #WWECardiff thank you." It received over 2,000 "Likes" from fans along with mostly comments offering support and praise. Some referred to her being champion again, while others talked of "hold your head high" and referred to her ability to perservere.

One fan told Charlotte, "No one can knock that crown off." Another referred to the recent incident saying, "The good news: it's not the 1980s, so it's already half-forgotten. In a week, everyone will be on to the next thing." Another commented, "We love you Charlotte! Nobody can knock you down for too long. Keep staying strong and kick a$$!"

Other fans tweeted about being excited to see Charlotte at the event, with one fan tweeting, "Only went to #WWECardiff tonight to see @MsCharlotteWWE and it was well worth it!" Another Twitter user posted a photo of himself with the smiling "Queen" of the women's division, saying he hoped she enjoyed the gifts they had brought for her. Based on the fan love and support, as well as the fact that Charlotte is right back to the ring, it shows this recent event has not knocked her down much at all. She is clearly putting herself deep into the work she loves to get past the incident rather than putting her life on hold or hiding from it.

WWE star Charlotte Flair in ring for a WWE match
Not long after her private photos were stolen and leaked online, Charlotte was back in the WWE ring doing what she loves. [Image by WWE]

As far as the Charlotte leaked nude photos go, the former women's champion isn't the first, and unfortunately, it seems like she may not be the last to have her privacy violated in a heinous manner. Charlotte was the latest in a line of several other women's wrestling stars including Paige, Kaitlyn, and Maria Kanellis-Bennett to have her privacy violated in such a manner. There have been ongoing rumors that other wrestling stars may have been hacked. Due to the prevalence of technology pirates that exist today, one can only hope there are better security standards being tested and put in place to prevent hacking of private accounts and the leaking of people's content.

As one WWE fan on Twitter commented, "no matter how many times you fall, a true Flair keeps fighting." One certainly has to admire Charlotte Flair for showing herself as a strong role model for others around the world despite the circumstances she's been facing over the past several days.

[Featured Image by WWE]