Aaron Hernandez Allegedly Associated With Bloods Street Gang

Aaron Hernandez, who committed suicide in jail on April 19, 2017, has been revealed by documents as having some strong associations with the street gang known as the Bloods. Records recently released from prison show that he had gang paraphernalia in his possession and was punished for this while in jail.

The reports that were released from the prison show the information that was contained in Aaron's files. The ex-NFL football star's files contained information like what he was disciplined for but it also states that he was a member of the Bloods street gang. Any prison inmate that is associated with a street gang has that information in their charts because it helps prison officials to keep the gangs separated, as much as possible.

CTV News revealed that the prison records of Aaron Hernandez stated that he had been disciplined once for "having 'STG' paraphernalia." The acronym "STG" stands for a Security Threat Group, which in most cases refers to gang associations.

Aaron Hernandez jail reports
Jail reports for Aaron Hernandez reveal that he was associated with the Bloods street gang [Image by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images]

The Bloods have thousands of members now and many of them are in the prison systems. The gang started in California but it is now spread across most of the country.

The report was released on May 5, 2017, by Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. and they revealed several disciplinary actions received by Aaron Hernandez while he was in Bristol County jail. He was waiting to go to trial for the 2013 case at that time. Hernandez received discipline for five things: committing aggravated assault; not obeying direct orders, threatening a corrections officer and his family, testing positive for Neurontin in a urine sample, and finally, the possession of gang paraphernalia.

The Department of Corrections released more prison records for Aaron Hernandez that showed similar disciplinary actions. The records revealed that Hernandez had physical altercations with other inmates. Aaron also was found with contraband items like a cigarette lighter, homemade cigarettes, and homemade weapons. Aaron received discipline for having another inmate in his cell and for getting a tattoo as well. Discipline for actions like these ranged from loss of phone privileges to losing gym or yard privileges.

Other records revealed that Aaron Hernandez had gotten in trouble for tampering with a lock, being insolent towards prison official, and using racial slurs.

On April 19, 2017, Aaron Hernandez was discovered dead in his jail cell in the maximum security prison where he was serving his life sentence for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, his fiance's sister's boyfriend. Many were surprised when Hernandez's suicide was announced because he had just been acquitted of the double murder of the 2012 case.

Inmates said that he was happy about his acquittal and was positive. Some claimed that he was upbeat and was even talking about going back to playing football. He was speaking about his daughter and looking forward to spending time with her.

Aaron Hernandez street gang
Aaron Hernandez may have been associated with a street gang but inmates say he was talking about playing football again [Image by Jim Rogash/Getty Images]

When Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his jail cell, there was a Bible open to John 3:16 and this was also written on his wall. This Bible verse refers to how God gave his son to the world because he loved them so much and that those who believed would have everlasting life.

What was he thinking when he referred to this Bible verse. Was Aaron simply saying that he loved and had faith in God? Or was it a more egocentric thought, suggesting that he gave up his life for his family and they should have faith in Hernandez?

The Department of Corrections said that some of the inmates of the prison believed that Aaron Hernandez's suicide was meant as a religious message.

Have you been following the information that has come forth since Aaron Hernandez committed suicide? If you have, why do you think he did it?

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