‘Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer Shares Photo Of Daughter, Ali, Hooked Up To Tubes

Leah Messer’s daughter, Ali, suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy and is the only known child to suffer from the disorder. This has put a huge strain on the single mom of three and on Ali’s father, Corey Simms. The pair is doing everything they can to help Ali be as successful as she can possibly be in life.

The former couple has attempted to keep Ali walking as long as possible, but Leah Messer has stated that she uses a wheelchair when she gets too tired. Eventually, Ali will have to use a wheelchair all of the time in order to keep her independence.

The young mother shared a scary photo of Ali hooked up to several tubes on her Instagram page, which had many of her fans worried for the little girl’s health. Fans were further concerned with her hashtag #sayaprayer, which many took as a sign that little Ali had taken a turn for the worse.


Though the photo looked alarming, and Leah failed to put a caption for her fans that indicated everything was okay, fans deduced from her previous Instagram post, in which she stated Ali was heading for a sleep study, that everything was all right.

One user explained in the comments what was likely going on with Leah Messer’s young daughter.

“They monitor your sleep and make sure you are breathing during sleep. I’ve had them done several times and my mom has sleep apnea, she stops breathing when she sleeps,” she said.

Several other Instagram users sent Leah Messer their well wishes, hoping for the best for the little girl.

Last season on Teen Mom 2, Ali’s twin sister, Aleah Gracie (also known as Gracie) was also tested for the rare strain of muscular dystrophy. As Leah Messer and ex Corey are both carriers of the disease, it is possible that Gracie might pass it on to her child if she partners with someone who also carries the gene.

Leah Messer spoke about taking Gracie to Columbus, Ohio, where Ali’s specialist is, to do the tests on her.

“She’s a child of Corey and I’s, and we carry the gene. She hasn’t been tested. We thought that she had been tested, but I guess that was for some other testing research. The possibility of her even having it is worrisome to me.”

“I felt pretty positive when Dr. Tsao asked about getting Gracie tested for the muscular dystrophy gene.”

For Leah Messer, the journey with Ali has been a difficult one. The mom of three not only delivered twins before her 18th birthday but also had to cope with a child with special needs, which is trying for someone of any age.


She also admitted that at times, she is blind to the decline that doctors are seeing in Ali’s health and wants to see only the positive progress she is making.

“No matter what, I may never see the decline that they see. I guess I’ll handle that when it comes you know? It made it hard at 17, knowing something’s wrong with this baby that you love so f**king much.”

Recently, Leah Messer shared a photo of her girls, who play on the same softball team at first and second base. She described the moment as “bittersweet,” as she knows that in time, Ali will no longer be able to participate in sports like her sister, Gracie. Heartbreakingly, viewers of Teen Mom 2 are all too aware of Ali’s increased desire to be just like her other two sisters.

Still, Leah Messer is the best mom she can be to her three girls and has even created a new business opportunity for herself to help support the girls after Teen Mom 2 is over.

[Featured Image by Leah Messer/Instagram]