Baby Registry Adds To Jinger Duggar Pregnancy Rumors

Ever since her wedding to Jeremy Vuolo six months ago, Jinger Duggar has been the subject of pregnancy rumors, which have gained momentum in the recent past. Contributing to fans' excitement is a purported baby registry doing the rounds on social media.

Jinger Duggar tied the knot in November after a five-month courtship with former soccer-star-turned-pastor Jeremy Vuolo. Following a much-publicized honeymoon, the couple were hit by pregnancy rumors after an image surfaced in March suggesting Jinger showed a baby bump. Images taken later, however, did not suggest a visible pregnancy. The registry, which surfaced online recently, claims Jinger is about eight weeks pregnant.

According to the registry that was created on the website of retail chain store Buy Buy Baby, Jinger is expected to give birth on December 16 and the baby is a girl. While some fans congratulated the couple on seeing it, most others are convinced the entry is fake, given the items on the list.

"I would be very surprised if they'd have Disney books on their registry. And I doubt they'd reveal a date and gender like this before announcing anything. It's pretty gross that someone would do this to get free stuff," reads one post on Reddit, where the listing was discussed. Others pointed out that Jinger was too early in her pregnancy to learn the baby's gender.

"That's an awful lot of pink for this early in the pregnancy. Either this is fake or they're getting their hopes up. Also this early, it would be ill-advised to make a registry at all. Jinger would be 6 weeks along. I would never fault her for announcing early, but making a registry already is getting ahead of herself, especially if she made it before announcing anything!"
Usually, gender determination is done at about 12 weeks but DNA testing for congenital illness can also reveal it at eight weeks. In Jinger's case, however, recent images and absence of an official confirmation from the Duggar family have left fans guessing about her pregnancy. Jinger was last seen during an outing in Kentucky earlier this week, reportedly for sister Joy-Anna's wedding shopping.

The registry comes at a time when Jinger Duggar and her husband are subject to questions about pregnancy after they signed up on Instagram. Fans suspect the couple jumped onto the social media wagon to prepare them for an impending pregnancy announcement. Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard had taken to social media to reveal their pregnancies, setting a precedent for Jinger to follow.

However, if developments in Jinger Duggar's marital life are any indication, she has set new rules for herself. This includes defying the Duggar dress code by wearing shorts and pants. Her changed attire drew mixed responses from fans. Given that her married sisters had announced pregnancies within months of their weddings, her supporters think she could be delaying pregnancy. Duggars claim affiliation to ideals of Quiverfull families which endorse unhindered procreation.

On the other hand, marriage changes the rules for women in such families as it requires them to heed their husbands more than their fathers. While Jessa and Jill continue to dress according to their parental norms, Jinger seems liberated to some extent by Jeremy's beliefs. The Laredo pastor advocates modest dressing but has reportedly said in sermons that women are free to dress in their clothing of choice.

If Jinger Duggar does give birth by the end of this year, her baby would account for four additions to the Duggar clan in 2017. Jessa Seewald gave birth to her second son Henry Seewald in February. Josh Duggar's wife Anna announced the arrival of her fifth child in March while Jill Dillard, pregnant for the second time with a baby boy, is due in July.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family Official/Facebook]