Aaron Hernandez Suicide Note Reveals He Told Shayanna Jenkins His Plans To Hang Himself

Two weeks after Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in his prison cell, the note he wrote to his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, was released by the Bristol County district attorney's office. The suicide note below, written at some point before he committed suicide on April 19, is a love letter of sorts. It also hints that Hernandez knew that his death could potentially lead to a big pay day for Shayanna and the couple's daughter, Avielle.

In the note below, the former New England Patriots player tells Shayanna that she is his "soulmate" and references that he told her "indirectly" that he was going to commit suicide. But two words he wrote in the letter — "you're rich" — are prompting many to question what motivated Hernandez to commit suicide just one week after he was found not guilty in a 2012 Boston double murder case.

"Shay, You have always been my soul-mate and I want you to love life and know I'm always with you. I told you what was coming indirectly! I love you so much and know you are an angel....tell my story fully but never think of anything besides how much I love you. This was the almighty plan, not mine... (YOU'RE RICH)"
Aaron Hernandez, who was 27 when he died, ended the note to Shayanna with the name of a song by Savage Garden – "I Knew I Loved You."

Did Hernandez know that his murder conviction could be overturned by a Massachusetts law now that he is dead? The NY Daily News states that the former NFL star may have known that if the conviction is overturned, the Patriots may have to honor his multi-million dollar signing bonus.

Two years ago, Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd. According to the Boston Globe, the first-degree murder conviction could be null and void due to a long-standing Massachusetts law. Hernandez died before an appeal in the case could be heard by the court. The Globe reports that the law states that the conviction would be "as if the trial and conviction never happened."

If Aaron Hernandez's first-degree murder conviction is vacated, the New England Patriots may have to honor his contract signing bonus. In 2012, he signed a five-year contract with the Patriots that was worth $40 million. The Boston Globe reports that $5.91 million was guaranteed in his contract and withheld by the team when he was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

However, Globe reporter Ben Volin writes that the New England Patriots don't owe Aaron Hernandez's estate a dime due to a breach of his contract.

"Does the legal technicality entitle Hernandez to recover any or all of the $5.91 million that was previously guaranteed in his contract but the Patriots withheld after his arrest? [The] likely answer is simple: No, he is not. Even without a conviction on the books, Hernandez almost certainly was in breach of his contract... the NFL Players Association records show that the Patriots and Hernandez settled a grievance that Hernandez filed in 2014. The settlement gave the Patriots a salary cap credit of $1.184 million, indicating a Patriots win."
Aaron Hernandez suicide note shayanna
Aaron Hernandez [Image by Keith Bedford /'The Boston Globe' via AP]

Aaron Hernandez's note to his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez is one of three letters that prison officials state were found in Aaron's cell. Although there were multiple reports that one letter was left for another prisoner, CBS reports that a second note was written to his daughter, Avielle, and the third was written to his legal team. There is no word if state officials will release the other two notes to the public.

Friends and family attended Aaron Hernandez's funeral on April 24 in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut. According to the Washington Post, the former NFL star's remains were cremated.

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