Kanye West Deletes Twitter, Instagram Accounts

God bless Kanye West -- he sure knows how to make the news. This time, he made the news for deleting his two social media accounts on which he used to be very active.

And while we can all agree that Kanye West is nothing, if not talented (808's and Heartbreaks is just fire!), that talent comes with more than its fair share of crazy.

Complex Magazine has the scoop that fans noticed Kanye West was no longer on Twitter as of Friday, which could mean nothing -- but it could also mean everything.

The outlet confirms that the last time Kanye West deleted his social media accounts, he was working on an album. (That album eventually became Saint Pablo.)

"In February of this year, West (thankfully) deleted all his previous tweets supporting Trump. The tweets, in addition to West's highly publicized meeting with the former reality TV personality, drew widespread criticism and later inspired a lyrical passage on Logic's album Everybody."
This news about Kanye West deleting his Twitter and Instagram doesn't exactly come at the most opportune time. According to Vogue Magazine, Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, just launched a new children's clothing line called Kids Supply.

The line, which is available exclusively from the Internet, is reasonably affordable (pieces range from $20 to $200) and was inspired by Kim's hometown of Calabasas, just outside of Los Angeles, California.

"Kardashian West has been teasing the new label for months now, posting sneak peeks on social media, like the snapshot of daughter North wearing a sequined yellow Kids Supply dress and an image of a small-size silk bomber with the word Calabasas stitched onto the back. Not surprisingly, Kimye loves to dress North and Saint and will often create custom pieces for them—because why would those two decked-out tykes wear anything off the rack? Like the Yeezy sneakers and Pablo merch, the Kids Supply collection is bound to sell out fast, so better get shopping for the stylish Saint West and North West of your own."
The Verge, for their part, believes that this is Kanye West's misguided way to garner publicity for the fledgling line.

The outlet points out that recently, Kanye made the news because he deleted his tweets that were made in support of Donald Trump after he claimed that he was no longer "with" the President.

And this certainly caused enough controversy on its own. Fortunately, Kim Kardashian still has her social media accounts, and she's just as active on them as ever. And that's why her fans love her, we suppose.

"The removal of both his Instagram and Twitter accounts suggests the vanishing act is, at the very least, intentional. But all is not lost. We still have Kim, whose Instagram and Twitter accounts continue to provide some of the best celebrity content. At the moment, she appears to be getting the brunt of questioning about Kanye's absence."
The good thing about Kanye West is, he loves attention -- he can't live without it. It's the very air he breathes. What are the chances that he will be off of social media for long? Answer: not likely.

We predict that it will only be a few months before he's back on Twitter again, causing more problems for people -- and for himself -- by saying something controversial, "out there," or hilariously funny.

What do you think of the news that Kanye West deactivated his social media accounts? Do you think he'll be back?

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[Featured Image by by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]