WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals The Moment That WWE Literally Almost Killed Him On 'Raw'

As wrestling has continued to progress, the stakes have been taken to different levels, and there are times that many feel as if WWE may have taken things a little bit too far. During the WWF/WWE Attitude Era, it was not shocking for the limits to be extended, but not everything worked out as planned. Stone Cold Steve Austin decided to look back at one particular moment on Monday Night Raw that actually almost killed him.

Throughout his career, Stone Cold Steve Austin took part in some strange and dangerous angles that had to be seen to be believed. There was the beer truck, being put on the symbol of The Undertaker to be crucified, and much more.

However, none of those incidents ever came close to actually killing him.

wwe news stone cold steve austin monster truck monday night raw killed
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On a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed there was an incident with the company where he literally almost died. No, it wasn't when Owen Hart broke Austin's neck in the middle of the ring, but it had to do with the "3:16" monster truck.

As transcribed by Viral Thread, it was on an episode of Monday Night Raw way back in 1999. The Rock was going to hold a "funeral" for his arch-enemy, but Austin showed up to ruin things with his "Stone Cold" monster truck, but it wasn't really his and he didn't know much about it.

"Well hell, I didn't know how to drive a monster truck. So there I was in the parking lot, driving the Austin 3:16 monster truck. It was a bad ass dodge with an alcohol/methanol motor and about 1800 horsepower. Anyway, I learn to drive the monster truck after about 15-20 minutes in the parking lot. The thing about me I can drive anything in about fifteen minutes. Don't give a s*** what it is, I can drive it."

Obviously, Austin never let anything stand in his way, and he wasn't going to let this stop him either. He learned how to drive the truck, but the stunt where he was going to drive it into the arena almost stopped him for good.

"So I go into the back door of the arena and I'm in a holding room with a couple of curtains in front of me. The monster truck was loud as f*** and that 1800 horsepower motor is churning out exhaust fumes. So I'm in this room and they shut the door behind me. It was about a three minutes commercial break, so the whole time the people back home are watching commercials, I'm in a room, inside a truck, breathing methanol/alcohol fumes — I could barely breathe. I was just begging for the show to come back on air so I could charge out in the audience and get a breath of fresh air. I'm breathing all those exhaust fumes, mother***er, I was going to crash that gate doing 98 [miles per hour] and go and take my own cue and haul a** into the arena, if they hadn't of cued me when they did- I was about to die."

Yes, Steve Austin almost died in the backstage area on a live episode of Monday Night Raw in 1999.

wwe news stone cold steve austin monster truck monday night raw killed
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Many newer WWE fans may find this story hard to believe as they haven't seen anything like that while watching wrestling. For anyone who never watched Vince McMahon's company during the Attitude Era and before it moved to a PG rating, you missed out on a lot of the strangest and most absurd incidents in wrestling history.

For the sake of safety and to not offend any overly sensitive viewers in this day and age, WWE has changed how they do things. Seriously, if you want to see some crazy situations, look up old Raw episodes from the mid to late '90s.

Stone Cold Steve Austin will go down in history as one of the greatest and most memorable superstars in the history of WWE and professional wrestling. He has won a number of titles and had fantastic feuds, and some of his matches are the greatest of all time. There was even that moment he had his neck broken by the late Owen Hart, but his own monster truck literally almost killed him on Monday Night Raw, and that would have been going too far for your profession.

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