'House of Cards,' 'Sense8,' And Other Hot Netflix Release Dates For May 2017

With May sweeps coming soon to the television world, television fans are hitting season finale season for all of their favorite shows. To make up for that, new seasons of all of the hottest shows are being added this month to Netflix, with Season 2 of the Netflix hit Sense8 being added today. Season 5 of House of Cards will also arrive this month, as will Season 3 of Bloodline and a Netflix original documentary Get Me Roger Stone.

Sense8 will be the first drama series launched this month for Netflix fans. This is a paranormal story based on eight characters whose lives and locations span the globe. Each character is referred to as a "sensate," and the drama series spans how the lives and loves of the eight characters are interconnected through psychic experiences.

The first season was critically acclaimed, scoring positive notes from critics for its unique narrative and location shooting. The characters are based across the globe in Seoul, Mumbai, San Francisco, London, New York City, and Berlin, among others. In addition to its unique paranormal twist, the series, whose characters are emotionally connected since birth, touches on themes within society in a multi-cultural background.

Netflix Sense8 Release Date
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LGBTQ themes are predominant on the paranormal series developed by the creator of The Matrix, led by a character named Lito. Transgender star Jamie Clayton also plays Nomi Marks on the show and is a fan favorite for dialing up the drama. Max Riemelt's character Wolfgang Bogdanow plays an expert safe cracker and is the show's all-around bad guy with strong links to Berlin's underground crime sector.

Riemelt spoke with the Independent about his experience on the show and what fans can expect of Season 2 of Netflix's Sense8.

"Well what can I say without spoiling it? More more more – more of everything. More sex. More violence. But also, eventually, maybe some new characters. Yeah, it's getting even more complex."

Riemelt also says he is proud to be part of something that is part of "that movement," referring to the LGBTQ themes of the show.

"Year, I'm really proud to be part of that movement, to be on that side – to be a Jedi and not on the dark side….It's easy for me in Berlin where everything's so open and liberal but I think that's the important message – that we are individuals but we can be more open and honest with each other."

Despite the paranormal theme, Riemelt feels that all fans of the show can find something they relate to. Watch the trailer for Season 2 of Netflix's Sense8 right here, available now on Netflix.


Another hot series on Netflix that fans have been waiting for with baited breath is House of Cards, starring award-winning actor Kevin Spacey. But fans will have to wait a little longer for this one as it is not set to air until May 30. Season 5 of what Boston Globe describes as the "creepy political thriller" is said to be "perfect timing" in a real-life political climate in Washington, D.C., that features Donald Trump as president and a real-life house of cards with the Trump-Russia scandal.

Season 5 of House of Cards will be available on Netflix on May 30, right after both chambers of the real-life Congress are out of session for Memorial Day recess. Here is a look behind the scenes of House of Cards and what the set of the Roosevelt Desk in President Underwood's office actually looks like.

House of Cards Netflix Release Date
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Season 5 of House of Cards promises to be "as dark and grimy" as fans have come to expect, as the television president President Underwood comes out of a difficult and complex election cycle.

With his wife Claire Underwood (Robyn Wright), the new President Underwood is plotting political domination for decades to come. His tagline this season is noted as "one nation, Underwood," and he will have his wife by his side as vice president of the United States to aid in his plotting and scheming.

However, even the fictional character of President Underwood is not unaffected by what has been going on in real politics. He's been following the election, and the Trump Administration closely, and tweeting his infamous snark when he feels is appropriate.


The trailer for Season 5 of House of Cards reveals a scenic backdrop in Washington, D.C., much like the Trump Administration, with protesters outside the Underwood White House holding signs that say "Never Underwood." Kevin Spacey narrates as the president of the people of the United States.

"They're like little children. We need to hold their sticky fingers and wipe their filthy mouths."

Also spotted in the Season Five trailer for House of Cards is a jail cell, and the president is seen lying on the floor of an office appearing to be unconscious as a woman walks out of the room leaving him unattended.


Also coming to Netflix in May is Season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, created by Robert Carlock and Tina Fey. That series will be released on May 19 and stars Ellie Kemper as the title character who is living in New York after leaving a Doomsday cult.

One of the show's most dramatic characters, Titus Andromedon (Tituss Burgess), dials up the heat in the Season 3 trailer. When things take a turn with his boyfriend Mikey Politano (Mike Carlsen), Titus takes his frustrations out on his car with a baseball bat.


Another hot drama series that Netflix fans have been long waiting for is Season 3 of Bloodline. Starring in this show is the group of characters known as the Rayburn family, who live in south Florida and have a little bit of a dark side. After the oldest brother, John, killed his brother Danny in the last seasons, fans are wondering what will become of the Rayburns in this season.

Last season ended with Kevin also murdering Marco, after Marco put together the facts that John Rayburn killed his own brother Danny, and had his brother and sister help him cover it up.

Bloodline is expected to be as dark and dramatic as previous seasons, with the Rayburns getting into even more trouble than they already have. The season is one that is touted to be filled with even more dark secrets, lies, and paranoia than seasons gone by. John Rayburn realizes that a friend of the brother he killed and needs to come up with a plan to do something about it because "he knows too much."

Bloodline Netflix Release Date Season 3
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Factions in the Rayburn camp are also expected to occur, with one scene ahead where sister Meg Rayburn tells a family member in a hospital bed that she's done with him and there is a body in the trunk of the car, reports Yahoo TV. Meanwhile, the long lost son of the now-late Danny Rayburn has arrived in town and is still trying to figure out his place in the Rayburn family, if any.

At the same time, Mama Rayburn (Sissy Spacek) is having her own problems while dealing with business issues between a local powerful businessman and a political backer to John's sheriff campaign. Mama is also found wondering how the family reached its current state, after having once been considered to be among the most prominent and respected families in south Florida.

Fans of the Emmy-winning show are going to have to soak up every minute they can of their favorite characters this season. The bloodline for Bloodline is ending this year, after filming in Florida for two seasons. In the first two seasons, the show's costs were aided by entertainment tax incentives available to filmmakers in Florida, but those have been cut and thus, so has the bloodline for Bloodline.

Bloodline will be released on Netflix on May 26. Watch the trailer here.


In the meantime, Netflix is offering many new seasons of other shows available this May. Today, Netflix releases Sense8, and there are more shows coming next week. Season 5 of Switched at Birth as well as Season 4 of The Fosters are released May 11, reports Heavy. A Netflix original documentary called Get Me Roger Stone is released on May 12.

This features the real-life political trickster known as Roger Stone, a longtime Donald Trump ally who also worked with President Nixon. In fact, Roger Stone was the youngest person to testify in the impeachment case against President Nixon. He is expected to testify in the Trump-Russia hearings related to the allegations that Russia colluded with the Trump campaign to help Donald Trump win the election.

Get Me Roger Stone was released at the Tribeca Film Festival to mixed reviews. It was created by award-winning journalist Morgan Pehme, with this being Pehme's first documentary and directorial debut on a documentary project. Working with Pehme on this film is Dylan Bank in his directorial debut.

Cara Cusumano, the director of programming for the Tribeca Film Festival, describes Roger Stone as "always an outsider to the political establishment." She had strong words about the documentary.

"Stone wears his notorious reputation (and his full back Nixon tattoo) like a badge of honor. His candor in this timely and unexpectedly entertaining documentary opens the book even further on his proprietary brand of underhanded politicking…But now, with the shocking ascendancy of his long time pet project Donald Trump (interviewed in the film) Stone – the ultimate political trickster – would likely say he was just ahead of his time."

Donald Trump is seen in the trailer of Get Me Roger Stone. Watch the whole trailer here, with the documentary being released next week on May 12.


In the week that follows that, Season 1 of The Keepers, a Netflix original will also be released on May 19. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's third season will be released on the same date. Bloodline arrives May 26, and Season 2 of Bunk'd is available May 28.

On May 30, Season 5 of House of Cards will be available, as will Season 2 of F is for Family. Today, fans of Netflix's Sense8 can begin Season 3 while waiting for all of May's hottest dramas and documentaries to arrive later this month.

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