'Outlander' Stars Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe Romance Rumors Continue, But Actor Celebrates Birthday With GF

The rumors of a possible secret romance between Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe continue unabated. In fact, the latest buzz doing the rounds on the net suggest that something could be going on between the two lead actors of the hit period drama series. However, if fans will actually try to listen to what the two have to say about their relationship, the actors have been consistent in the claim of just being close friends and nothing more. And, apparently, the evidence thus far suggests that they could be telling the truth.

Perhaps one can blame it on the restlessness of their fans who might have become a little bored while waiting for the arrival of the Outlander Season 3 release date this coming September. In addition, as the characters Jaime and Claire, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have that special chemistry that got some fans thinking to be more than just an act, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Thus, it is too easy for fans of the actors and of the Outlander series to cross the boundary between television's make-believe and the real world. Since most fans have this wish that Sam and Caitriona act out in real life the romance portrayed by their onscreen characters, the simple little things the actors do as friends could easily be interpreted as proof of something even deeper.

For instance, both actors are such close friends in real life that they often have playful exchanges in social media that may easily be interpreted as "proof" of their supposedly secret romance. Indeed, some of their online banter can only be described as cute and even sweet, but for fans inclined to believe or wish for the existence of their secret romance, their playful teasing can be seen as an indication of an intimate relationship.

The latest of these cute exchanges happened on Twitter, as reported by Just Jared. The topic of their exchange was something all actors are familiar with, which was lack of sleep. Sam Heughan made the first post by tweeting, "Heard on set: Zzz zzz……'FRASIER'!……zzz zzz z."

Caitriona quickly responded by tweeting "I'll see your Zzzzz and raise you ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz????????????????." Soon enough, the two Outlander actors tweeted back and forth basically saying just how tired they are, mostly likely as a result of their hectic schedule filming for the upcoming third season.

While hopeful fans may view this as some sort of indication of their hidden romance, a more probable explanation is that these are just tweets between very close coworkers and friends after a hard day's work. In fact, another social media post might prove just that. Unlike their passionate Outlander characters Jamie and Claire, Sam and Caitriona are just close friends in real life.

Heughan recently celebrated his 37th birthday while filming in South Africa. The celebration was documented by Caitriona with a tweet showing a photo of Sam and his girlfriend, Mackenzie Mauzy. In the photo, Sam can be seen standing close Mackenzie, which proves that he is indeed romantically involved with someone else other than his co-star.

Sam Heughan and girlfirend Mackenzie Mauzy
[Image by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company]

And it is not just Sam who is happily in a relationship with someone else. For her part, Caitriona is dating Tony McGill, who was publicly spotted as her escort in some events this year.

But fans should not be too disheartened even if Sam and Caitriona should remain as friends in real life. While fans are still waiting for the arrival of Outlander Season 3 this September, fans are at least assured that the romance of Jaime and Claire continues for a bit longer on the small screen.

The reason is that a fourth season is already guaranteed. In fact, Outlander Season 4's plot has already been teased by Den of Geek, which, according to the publication, will be based on the fourth book of Gabaldon's series titled "Drums of Autumn."

In the fourth season, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe's characters will still be together in a love that seems to defy fate and time. The couple, along with Jaime's nephew, will find themselves trying to make a living in North Carolina. However, the pair may yet again be parted as trouble is already brewing in the colony as the American colonies are in the process of starting the revolution.

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