'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Week of May 8 to May 12, A Heroic Rescue By Eric, Chad Searches For The Amulet

Days Of Our Lives fans, prepare for a week of adventure and danger as things heat up. The residents of Salem have a lot going on, and it will only get busier for them next week. Don't continue to read if you don't want to know. The following contains Days Of Our Lives spoilers.

Lani tires to convince JJ she is fine.
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Lani has a secret she doesn't want JJ and the others to find out about. Eli and Rafe have figured out that the Halo drugs are linked back to someone, but spoilers don't indicate who yet. Days Of Our Lives fans will have to stay tuned to get the full story as it comes out.

Days Of Our Lives fans have known that scary times were ahead for Brady after being shot by Xander. Well, it is about to all unfold. Brady's health takes a turn for the worse as Daniel's heart begins to weaken due to injuries from the gunshot wound. He will need a new heart in order to survive! Marlena has reached out to John, but no one knows where he is. Now she has to worry about him, as well as her stepson. Everyone, including Chloe, is worried about Brady not making it through this.

Paul visits Brady in hospital.
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In other Days Of Our Lives news, the Dimera and Kiriakis families both head for Greece but for different reasons. Chad and Kate are after the amulet that has been in Deimos' sight for a while. Hope wants to stop Chad from going after the amulet, which is cursed with death. He ignores the superstition surrounding the prize and continues his quest. Andre, however, doesn't ignore the warnings regarding the amulet and flips out when he finds out what his brother is up to.

As Brady lay in his hospital bed weak from his wounds, he asked his brother Eric to go find Nicole and Holly. Days Of Our Lives fans know that Eric is one to keep his word. He follows the trail to Greece and indeed does locate Xander holding Nicole and Holly captive. According to She Knows, he executes a daring rescue of baby Holly, but when he returns for Nicole, he faces Xander.

Days Of Our Lives viewers know Paul and Sonny are on the trial of Deimos. They know he is up to no good and can't be trusted. They follow the leads to Greece in search of Xander and some answers. It is just too coincidental that Deimos shot Xander, only for him to resurface once again.

More Salemites travel to Greece. Days Of Our Lives writers will have adventure and danger in store for Gabi, Eli, and Lani. Spoilers tell us they will become involved in some creative and surprising ways.

Back in Salem, Days Of Our Lives fans have a lot to keep track of. Tripp thinks that Steve is covering for Kayla in the death of his mother. Tripp is tripping up and on the wrong trail but how far will Steve and Kayla go to keep him from learning the truth?

Days Of Our Lives hunk Dario is facing the possibility of being deported. After spending more time with Abigail, their bond has grown stronger, and she tells a doozy of a lie for him. Could this be the point of no return for her and Chad?

Gabi and Abe, working together, get Eli to talk to his mom, Val. The two have some work to do on their relationship. Days Of Our Lives fans will see the two continue to struggle to work out their issues.

Do you like what the new writers are doing with Days Of Our Lives? Do you think the amulet will lead to a death? What is next for Brady on Days Of Our Lives? Can he survive? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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