Melania Trump Wows In Yellow Christian Dior Silk Crepe Dress - Photos Of Melania's Asymmetric Gown [Video]

President Donald Trump appeared with First Lady Melania Trump, as seen in the above and below photos and videos, onboard the USS Intrepid. However, it was Melania who won boatloads of praise for appearing in a bright yellow Christian Dior silk crepe dress. As a result, feedback on social media proves that people believe yellow is a great color on Melania.

President Donald Trump,Melania Trump, center and Australian businessman Anthony Joseph Pratt [Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

As seen on the back of the yellow Christian Dior dress above, as Melania and President Trump applauded during the dinner with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, a swooping cape-like swath of fabric could be spotted on the back of the gown, anchored by a metal closure at the shoulder. Mr. and Mrs. Trump were aboard the decommissioned aircraft carrier that was docked in the Hudson River in New York, on Thursday, May 4, for a dinner marking the the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Coral Sea. The battle was one fought during World War II.

As reported by Vogue, Melania's yellow silk crepe gown was reminiscent of the dress Melania wore to the inauguration activities the evening of her husband's presidential swearing in, but the shocking yellow color was something new seen on Melania.

The lemon yellow dress is getting a big reaction of people on social media, even if there isn't confirmation as to the cost or proven price tag of the dress as of this writing.

The Christian Dior yellow silk crepe asymmetric dress was a standout color in contrast to other colors Melania has worn in the past, including bright red, white and black gowns.

Although there was the time that Melania chose to wear a bold pink Gucci pussybow blouse, as reported by Vogue, and the occasion that Melania chose to don a green dress during her meeting with Queen Rania of Jordan.

As often happens in the wake of Melania revealing a new outfit, folks try and decipher what the color might mean. Yellow is a bright and sunny color of optimism, therefore people are wondering if Melania is trying to bring a brighter outlook to the nation.

Melania's dress can be seen in close-up photos like the one below, from the Twitter page of White House Wardrobe. The above video of Melania in the yellow Christian Dior gown reveals just how bright and intense the yellow-hued dress appeared.
Meanwhile, other photos of Melania at the dinner can be viewed in the Getty Images gallery of Melania, with one photo showing President Trump speaking closely with Melania near her ear.

The feedback on Melania's yellow dress can be seen in sample comments from social media, as published below.

"Melania, you look stunning in your beautiful yellow dress."

"Melania in yellow! Hawttttt."

"Melania you looked beautiful in the bright yellow dress."

"I don't agree with Melania, but she is stunning in yellow. And apparently she caught the Prime Minister's eye too."

"Melania looks splendid in that yellow gown."

"Melania glows in yellow. Dayyum! Looks like a bottle of Galliano."

"Melania is absolutely breathtaking tonight! Canary yellow suits her. "

"Melania has a pretty cool yellow dress on. Twitter doesn't rave about Melania's clothes even tho they are equally as fantastic as Michelle's."

"Melania Trump is stunning in yellow."

"Looks like Melania isn't having any trouble getting clothing from good designers. Beautiful dress, looks amazing on her."

The consensus on social media networking sites seems to be that Melania looks pretty amazing in yellow. The Daily Mail called Melania a "golden girl" who was glowing in yellow after Melania's photos in the bright hue went viral online.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]