Pregnant Beyonce Didn’t Get Lip Injections, Publicist Slams Webloid For Bullying Singer

Beyonce may look somewhat different in her most recent social media snaps, but according to the R&B singer's publicist, that's just because of her pregnancy.

Yvette Noel-Schure, Beyonce's representative, fired back this week at those spreading rumors that the Formation singer, who is pregnant with twins, has gotten lip injections. The rumors began after Beyonce shared some new photos of herself on Instagram and were fueled by a report from MediaTakeOut. The web tabloid recently published a story suggesting that Beyonce could have had lip injections.

Gossip Cop noted that the webloid had no evidence to back up its claim and pointed out that the changes in Beyonce's appearance might be a side effect of her being pregnant. The outlet also suggested that Beyonce could have merely overlined her mouth with lip liner and lipstick, which is a technique makeup artists use to create the illusion of fuller lips.

In a lengthy statement to Gossip Cop, Noel-Schure defended Beyonce and slammed the online publication for its fake news.

"MTO staffers, what do you know about the effects of pregnancy on a woman's entire body?" she asked.

"Please tell me."
Beyonce's publicist noted that apart from the weight gain, pregnancy can often lead to a "dramatic change" in a woman's blood flow, as well as swelling due to fluid retention. She also pointed out that pregnant women's gums can get swollen and that this can affect their speech and ability to chew."But the sacrifice to our faces, our feet and our entire bodies is something we welcome because we bring beautiful humans into the world who will one day combat your hate and negativity," she said.
"I stood silent during Beyonce's first pregnancy when you thought it was okay to bully her like the cowards you are, when you accused her of never being pregnant, but I simply cannot this time."
"You are the saddest individuals and picking on a pregnant lady is tantamount to possessing the coldest, despicable heart," Noel-Schure added.
"You need to find something else to do with your time and maybe stop by a store that has happiness on sale because you need to buy some."
Noel-Schure's statement is a rare one from Beyonce's team, who have refrained from commenting on even the most persistent rumors about the singer and her family. These include the alleged breakdown of her marriage to Jay Z, and the supposed animosity between Jay Z and her sister, Solange Knowles.

But despite the never-ending reports that Beyonce's marriage is on the rocks, the Single Ladies singer and her husband appear to still be enjoying each other's company. Recently, the two were spotted watching the NBA play-off between the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Clippers. During the game, Jay Z was photographed being a doting husband and massaging his heavily pregnant wife's feet and ankles.

Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy, her first child, in 2012. She announced that she was expecting twins in February with a maternity photo that quickly became viral and has since earned more than 10 million "likes."

Since then, the Grammy winner has shared numerous photos documenting her various pregnancy looks. Beyonce has not confirmed when her twins are due, but it seems that she might be far enough along that intense physical activity is no longer possible. The singer had to cancel her Coachella performance in April and was replaced by Lady Gaga.

Good Morning America suggested that Beyonce might be due in June or July while the Sun guessed that the pregnant singer could have her twins sometime in the early summer.

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