'Teen Mom OG' Maci Bookout Fires Back At Critics Who've Slammed Her Drinking, Discusses Plans To Adopt

Maci Bookout is sick of people talking about her drinking habits.

Following numerous allegations of too much drinking, including a claim suggesting she consumed alcohol during her third pregnancy, the Teen Mom OG star is fighting back in the form of a tell-all book due to hit stores on July 27.

In the book, Maci Bookout recalls a the time when her husband, Taylor McKinney "innocently" shared a photo of her enjoying a beer while holding her then-newborn daughter Jayde Carter.

"The reaction that followed was intense," Maci Bookout wrote, according to a report by Radar Online on May 4. "People accused me of being a horrible, negligent mother; of drinking too much; of putting my newborn in mortal danger."

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Maci Bookout has three children, Bentley, eight, Jayde, 23-months, and Maverick Reed, 11-months, and married husband McKinney in October of last year. As fans saw on Teen Mom OG, Bookout and McKinney said their "I dos" in Florida among several guests, including Bookout's former boyfriend, Ryan Edwards, and his now-fiancee Mackenzie Standifer.

"It's one beer, folks I am an adult, over the legal drinking age, and just because I'm a mom that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a beer on a Sunday evening with my husband," Maci Bookout continued. "Newsflash: Mothers Are Human Beings. We are flawed, hard-working, well-intentioned, exhausted individuals; we do our best, we make mistakes, but above all we love our children."

Maci Bookout went on to explain that while she doesn't approve of over-drinking, there's absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in a beer or two here or there.

"While obviously I don't condone excessive drinking, having a beer—or even smoking the occasional cigarette—does not warrant a call to Child Services, and it does not make you a bad mother," she wrote.

Around this time last year, as her third pregnancy became a storyline on Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout came under fire for reportedly drinking while pregnant. Although the reality star denied doing any such thing, people online claimed a scene from the show made it appear that Bookout was drinking during the early months of her pregnancy. However, there is no way of proving any such thing.

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Maci Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, have been known to enjoy their beer but as Bookout pointed out, they are no different than the average parents who allow themselves to let loose from time to time.

In other Maci Bookout news, the reality star recently spoke out about her potential plans to adopt a fourth child. While Bookout previously confirmed she was done having children biologically, more kids may be in the future for her and McKinney.

"We've both have talked about adoption or fostering in the future, down the road, but we're not [having kids] biologically," Maci Bookout revealed to People Magazine last month. "For both of us, it's one of those things where if we are capable of providing a stable home, healthy relationships and some hope for a child who may not have that or ever experienced it, then we want to."

"Plus, I think introducing our children to something like that and giving them that experience and for other child to be able to have a sibling or healthy relationships with other children … all kids deserve that. If we can give it to them then why wouldn't we?" she noted.

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