'Big Brother 19' Rumors: Are Fans Pleased With 'BB19' Cast Rumors, Early CBS Promo?

Big Brother 19 rumors have been around for nearly a year now. The BB19 cast is less than two months from getting revealed to the public, but even CBS producers may not have all the answers just yet. During the fall months, producers gave fans Big Brother: Over The Top, which was an entirely online season where subscribers got to vote on how things would progress. It helped bridge the gap between summer sessions, but it also served to increase the number of Big Brother 19 rumors about a possible season of only returning houseguests (All-Stars).

Host Julie Chen and executive producer Robyn Kass have dropped a lot of hints on social media, but they still haven't given any facts about who will be in the BB19 cast. That doesn't mean that there is no information available about the upcoming season, though, as CBS has already started airing the first promotional commercial (seen below). As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it has generated a lot of additional buzz for the show. An update to the main Big Brother website also makes past episodes available for viewing, with promotions for free episodes going on.

Big Brother 19 rumors about how the schedule would work were also addressed in a report by CBS, where the network confirmed when episodes will air this summer. The BB19 season premiere is scheduled for June 28, with a two-hour event to kick off the summer reality competition show. There will be a lot of catching up to do, as the new houseguests will begin playing the game the weekend before that, giving producers a few days of additional footage to use during episode 19.1 on Wednesday. Fans will be scrambling for possible Big Brother 19 spoilers at that point.

The report by CBS goes on to give the weekly schedule for the summer 2017 season. New episodes will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week. Sunday and Wednesday nights, Big Brother 19 will air at 8 p.m. PT/ET and on Thursday night the show will be on at 9 p.m. PT/ET. If producers stick with the successful format of past seasons, then Sundays will focus on the weekly eviction nominations, Wednesdays will showcase the Veto competition and Veto ceremony, and then Thursdays will be used for the evictions and Head of Household competitions.

Twitter and Facebook have seen a lot of conversations and posts about the upcoming season, with a majority of fans rejoicing about hints from Robyn Kass that some "new blood" could be coming to the program. The first BB19 commercial only has cast members from recent seasons, though, stirring up chatter that it could indeed be a season of All-Stars. It appears that most of the die-hard fans want to see an entirely new cast, giving Kass and the production team every reason to introduce many new faces with the BB19 cast.

Julie Chen is also returning to her hosting duties, with the familiar $500,000 cash prize on the line for the houseguest who can survive nearly 100 days cut off from the real world. As a reminder to fans who tuned in last season, the Big Brother 18 winner was Nicole Franzel, who beat out Paul Abrahamian in a close BB18 jury vote. Returning houseguest James Huling made it to the final three but got sent packing when he lost the first two parts of the final HOH competition. James would end up winning the award for America's Favorite Houseguest during the finale.

The winner of Big Brother: Over The Top was Morgan Willett, who won the fan vote against returning cast member Jason Roy. Morgan was a first-time player in the BBOTT house with her sister (Alex Willett), forced to deal with Roy, who had returned from the BB17 cast for another shot at the cash prize. The Big Brother 17 winner was Steve Moses, who had found a way to outlast Austin Matelson and the twins Liz and Julia Nolan. Steve has vowed on social media to be done with the show, but he might change his mind if the Big Brother 20 cast is comprised of all past winners.

There are additional Big Brother 19 rumors about when the official revelation of the BB19 cast members is going to take place, but there has been zero confirmation from anyone close to the show. Typically the cast announcements come about a week before the season premiere is scheduled to air, though, so fans might want to pencil in June 19 as a possible day that information could get leaked online. Until that date gets a bit closer, all fans can do for now is continue to count down the days (53 now) until the Big Brother 19 season premiere on June 28.

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