Kim Kardashian Reportedly Pressures Kanye West To Drop Tyga From His Record Label After Kylie Jenner Split

Kim Kardashian definitely has Kylie Jenner's back as she reportedly pressured her husband, Kanye West, to kick Tyga off of his record label after his controversial split with her younger sister.

Numerous reports claimed that Kylie and Tyga's breakup haD caused a major rift in the Kardashian-Jenner clan with some family members allegedly taking sides. That might be the case for Kim as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been rumored to be backing up her younger sister. Apparently, Kardashian wants to send the message loud and clear that her loyalty lies with Jenner.

Rumors claimed that the mother of two has been urging her husband to ditch Tyga and drop him from his record label. Apparently, Kim thinks that having Tyga on her husband's Label not only make things complicated for her family but also adds up Kanye's stress.
"Kim is pressuring her husband to move on from Tyga. Kim always had questions about Kylie's relationship with Tyga and wishes Kanye would follow Kylie's lead and separate ties with the struggling rapper. Kim feels like Kanye has enough stress in his life and managing her sister's ex is something Kanye doesn't need in his life."
Sources revealed that Kanye is most likely to follow Kim's request, and his "loyalty is going to be with Kylie and the family over Tyga." There were also claims that if Kylie asked her brother-in-law to drop her ex, he would do so without thinking twice.
"If Kylie wanted to be petty, she could probably get Kanye to drop Tyga from his label. I'm not saying she's going to do that, I don't think she's that bitter. But if it came down to it and that's what the family wanted, I'm sure Kanye wouldn't even question it."
Kylie's rumored new boyfriend, Travis Scott, also played a huge role in Tyga's supposed exit in Kanye's record label, reports claim. Not only are Travis and the 19-year-old makeup maven dating, but West has reportedly taken a liking to the 25-year-old rapper as well.
"Kanye isn't trying to take sides but if it comes down to it, his loyalty is going to be with Travis over Tyga. He's got a much stronger connection with Travis. Kanye respects him as a producer, not just an artist. And they connect on the whole fashion vibe too. They're on the same page."
Meanwhile, Tyga was reportedly backed up by some family members, including Scott Disick and Blac Chyna. According to reports, Scott had always been a good buddy to Tyga, even before the messy breakup. Apparently, their bond is so tight that he even encouraged Kanye to keep him with his company, a source revealed.
"Scott has always gotten along with Tyga and has been encouraging Kanye [West] to keep him on his label. Scott doesn't want to see his friend get iced out of the family cause Tyga and Kylie are on the outs."
Surprisingly, his ex, Blac Chyna, was also rumored to take his side despite previous rants on social media against him. According to reports, Blac Chyna chose to side with her baby daddy for the sake of their son, King Cairo, and his financial needs as he grows older.
"She knows firsthand how bad he is with money and wants her baby daddy to stay working."
Fans might recall that Blac Chyna, who also has a daughter with Rob Kardashian, slammed Tyga for allegedly not paying child support for their son. Her rants implied that the rapper had been having financial issues.
"Stop running to ur money! Telling my business about King! I bet any money! I got more money then ur account Tyga, Michael!!!"
Blac Chyna even mentioned Rob and Kylie in one of her tirades.
"So go tell Kylie, and Rob! About our son Account! Cause that's the only reason I'm contacting ur f** ass! But u wanna make it like I want u lol!"
So far, Tyga, Kanye, and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have not confirmed any of the rumors. It remains unclear whether or not Tyga will stay on Kanye's record label for long.
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