'IT' Movie: MTV Will Debut Never-Before-Seen Footage This Sunday!

Earlier today, MTV's official Twitter posted that the network will be unveiling a brand new look at the IT movie, an adaptation of the 1986 Stephen King horror fiction masterpiece, at this Sunday's MTV Movie & TV Awards. The question is, will the new footage take the form of a long-awaited trailer to keep the IT hype going?

The most likely possibility for the mystery footage that will be shown is that the people behind the IT movie will debut the first trailer for the film; the "trailer" we already got was technically just a teaser.

It would seem to be appropriate timing for an official trailer for the IT movie to be released: about four months before the September 8 release date. That might seem a month or two too early for a film that's not even a summer blockbuster, but the absolutely gargantuan public buzz around the IT movie -- just the teaser got over 246 million views in the first 36 hours it was up -- sort of elevates its status and makes it more likely to have an ambitious marketing campaign leading up to it.

The other reason a full-length trailer would make sense is because the film needs to refuel its proverbial hype train. As those following the IT movie's production will tell you, virtually no new content, be it set photos or production updates, has been released since the teaser dropped at the end of March. Before that point, the stream of news coming from the production had been pretty steady, and the hype train was gathering steam, all the time picking up new passengers. During the past 40-some days, it has slowed considerably. The IT movie crew will probably want to regain its viral following before summer begins to gear up for a prolonged media blitz leading up to release.

In addition, the trailer for The Dark Tower, another Stephen King adaptation in the works, just came out earlier this week. IT movie director Andres Muschietti and his team will want to make sure their film remains the Stephen King flick at the forefront of people's minds, and what better way to regain that spotlight from The Dark Tower than to win over the public with another trailer?

The other distinctly possible footage MTV might be showing off this Sunday is a clip of the IT movie's antagonists (dubbed "The Losers Club") meeting for the first time in the barrens, a wooded stream area in the central town of Derry, Maine.

The clip was already shown off to a few journalists and movie critics at the It panel during this year's SXSW media festival, and some of them wrote about it in their summaries of the festival.

"The members of the Losers Club stand outside a standpipe entrance in the town's Barrens and debate whether to go in, before the discussion is interrupted by another member, Ben Hanscom, arriving and looking badly beaten up," wrote Don Kaye from Syfy Wire.

This possibility is probably not as exciting as the first, but it may be that the IT movie's producers do not want to show too much of their hand and are waiting until sooner before the movie to strike.

Besides, it would be very cool for Stephen King fans and all those familiar with King's book to get a glimpse of the characters they all love -- Bill Denbrough, Beverly Marsh, Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, and Stan Uris -- meeting a sixth member of their ka-tet. The seventh member, Mike Hanlon, won't be added until later.

And maybe it is better if we don't see another trailer yet, others point out. It might ruin the anticipation for the IT movie if we are shown too much in advance.

"I honestly don't want another trailer," notes Stephen King fan Emolgad on the dedicated King Reddit forum. "I want to go in as fresh as possible. I want those two hours to be a frikkin wonderland of "hey, look at that" moments, and a trailer will take away some of that."

"I want a two minutes red band trailer with the kids cursing, some blood and hear one sentence from Pennywise and that's it," counters Sir_Psycho_Kid-A.

Demonic clown
Pennywise the Clown, the 'It' movie's main antagonist. [Image by Fasslayer/Deviant Art]

What do you think MTV will show us regarding the IT movie this Sunday? And if it's a trailer, what would you like to see in it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Magdalena Proszowska/Deviant Art]