‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Did IMDB Reveal Who A.D. Really Is?

Pretty Little Liars fans are not happy about the major possible spoiler released online. The series, which is set to come to an end in the coming weeks, may have had the entire plot of the show ruined by one post on IMDB that named a major character as the unidentified villain, A.D.

Warning: Major Pretty Little Liars spoilers below

According to Wet Paint, the IMDB page for Pretty Little Liars may have just spoiled the entire final season of the show. While looking at the page, fans noticed that one of the characters was named as A.D. in the credits. Since Season 7 of the series is all about finding out who A.D. really is, viewers can’t believe that such a huge possible spoiler was revealed online.

IMDB, which is a website that hosts information on many actors, movies, TV shows, and more, has named actress Lindsey Shaw as both Paige McCullers and A.D. in the credits for Pretty Little Liars. While this huge spoiler has yet to be confirmed, one fan did ask the showrunner to explain the recent addition to Lindsay Shaw’s credits for the show, to which King replied, “I’m not sure what you want explained?”

However, before Pretty Little Liars fans get too bent out of shape, there is a possibility that this information is not correct. IMDB, also known as the Internet Movie Database, allows registered users to edit and change pages on the site, which means that incorrect information can be posted and mistakes can be made. Since there are multiple fan theories that link Paige to A.D., someone may have decided to change the page.

Meanwhile, many fans are becoming more and more convinced that Paige is A.D., or is at least working with the big bad in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. During the Season 7B premiere, one fan spotted what looked to be a piece of red hair in a scene between Jenna Marshall and the hidden A.D., which sparked further rumors that Paige may be the mastermind behind the Liars’ latest set of problems. However, the series has been known to completely shock fans with off-the-wall storylines in the past, and viewers have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to finding out the identity of A and A.D.

Another fan theory is taking also shape in the Pretty Little Liars community. Some viewers believe that Spencer may actually have a twin sister, and that her sister is none other than Bethany Young. Another version of the theory also states that the Spencer that fans have seen on the show since the big time jump hasn’t been Spencer at all, but her possible identical twin sister. If this is true, it seems that there would so many more questions that need answered, the biggest being where the real Spencer has been this entire time, Bustle reports.

Some clues that may point to Spencer having a twin is that Veronica revealed that she didn’t actually witness Spencer being born. Mrs. Hastings said that she was at the hospital while Mary Drake gave birth to Spencer, and that later the baby was put into her arms. This means that there could be another child somewhere out there. Perhaps the biggest clue leading fans to believe in the possibility of a twin is that when Spencer and Aria visited Dr. Cochran, he said he delivered “two of Mary’s babies,” which could imply that there is another child out there, or that the late CeCe Drake may actually be Spencer’s unknown twin sister.

What are your thoughts on all the crazy Pretty Little Liars spoilers, news, and theories? Do you think Paige is A.D.?

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