Woman Tweets Cheating Ex-Boyfriend's DM Screenshots: Naked Teen Video, Dog Sex Requests Go Viral On Twitter

Paula Mooney

The reactions to the below Twitter story told by a user named "Olivia Peachey" are going viral.

That's when Olivia launched into a "story time" series of replies to her own tweet that began to captivate all of Twitter. Peachey wrote that she hacked into her boyfriend's Twitter account and found a series of troubling DMs, or direct messages, between him and other girls via Twitter. The exchanges involved the boyfriend asking random girls for sex videos, with vulgar requests including sex acts with dogs and the like. When one girl protested, after apparently already sending him a video, she mentioned the video would have been illegal, because she was a 17-year-old girl.

According to Simply Oloni, Olivia began dating the ex-boyfriend in September, and they dated for eight months until they broke up in April. However, uncovering his DMs didn't even shock her, because Liv said she had a feeling something was wrong with him. Olivia said that her ex-boyfriend was "really obsessed with anything sexual," and always wanted her to perform certain sexual acts on him, even as she just tried to tell him about her day.

Peachey grew more suspicious when she treated her boyfriend to a trip to Paris, and she used her boyfriend's phone to take a photo. That's when Olivia saw a message from a girl telling him that she needed "that money."

"I did love him. I took him to Paris for his birthday in March. I remember when we were there I picked up his phone to take a picture and a girl popped up on his phone saying, 'I really need that money,' I obviously flipped out, tried to end it with him. He kept telling me it was an old friend and he had borrowed money off her, the shady part was when he deleted the conversation before I could see it."
"I printed off all the screenshots from his DM's, knocked on his door, told him to sit down, threw the paper at him and told him I knew exactly what he had been up to. He didn't really say much, held his head in his hands. He knew he had f***** up and there was no going back. He tried to apologise and justify his behaviour, I wasn't having any of it obviously."

[Featured Image via Facebook/Olivia Peachey]