WWE News: Former Diva Sunny Says Nude WWE Leaks Are Partially The Fault Of The Women

The WWE nude leaks are not stopping for WWE’s female superstars. After both photo and video leaks hit the Internet of Paige and a number of former WWE Divas, new nude leaks have hit of WWE superstar Charlotte Flair on Thursday. In an interview with the Wrestlingus Show, WWE Hall of Fame Diva Sunny said that the women in the WWE are somewhat to blame for the nude leaks.

It seems interesting that Sunny, of all people, is blaming the Divas after her post-WWE career has included everything from porn to paid cybersex, and more. However, Sunny said that in this day and age the WWE women should know that something like this could happen if they weren’t careful with their nude photos.

“I saw them and it’s like do I feel bad for her? Yeah, I mean, but no in a way because she took it upon herself to take those pictures. Anybody who takes pictures like this or video of that, you’ve got to… you’re assuming the risk that it’s going to get out. I mean, normal people’s pictures get out, so if you’re a celebrity, you’ve got to expect this sooner or later.”

Sunny admitted seeing the Paige nude leaks when they hit because fans sent her links to watch them. One of the videos was not just of Paige but also included former WWE referee Brad Maddox and current WWE superstar Xavier Woods. While Woods was not punished for his role in the leaked video, Paige still has not returned to the WWE as she is recovering from surgery.

WWE News: Former Diva Sunny Says Nude WWE Leaks Are Partially The Fault Of The Women
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There are also leaked photos of current WWE superstar Summer Rae and current Monday Night Raw women’s champion Alexa Bliss. However, the leaks of Summer Rae were risque but not nude photos. The leaks of Alexa Bliss were nude but she has maintained to this day that the photos are not real and were photoshopped. Other victims include former WWE superstars Maria Kanellis, Kaitlyn, and Melina.

As for the nude WWE leaks of Charlotte Flair, they are real and she has already made one announcement on Twitter where she has said that the photos were hers and she wants them removed from the Internet immediately. Unfortunately, with this being the Internet, the fact that they have been released means they will never disappear forever.

There have also been rumors that other nude WWE leaks might bet coming. Rumored names include Becky Lynch and Naomi, although there have been no photos released of those women at this time.

While it is easy to dismiss what Sunny has said about the nude WWE leaks thanks to her past, Sunny said that there is no reason for her to feel any shame for what she did in her own life. Sunny said that the women of the WWE should have known that something like a nude leak on the Internet could happen if they wanted to keep their lives private.

WWE News: Former Diva Sunny Says Nude WWE Leaks Are Partially The Fault Of The Women
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For her part, Sunny actually signed a deal to appear in an adult film with Vivid Entertainment. Sunny said that the film was not a big deal and was just a way for her to make money and pay the bills. She also said it was a one-time deal and not something she would want to do again. She also said that the WWE had no problem with her shooting the film and they won’t stop someone from working when they leave the WWE.

Sunny also touched on the controversy about her selling her WWE Hall of Fame ring and said that it never happened. Sunny said that telling fans that she sold it was a “work” to get publicity for the release of her porn movie. She then claimed the ring was in a safe in her home.

As for current WWE women, the nude WWE leaks can’t be comfortable for the company since they promote a PG atmosphere and are very concerned with their image for families and kids. There has been no punishment handed out for victims of the hacking.

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