Kylie Jenner Angered Over Tyga, Blac Chyna Romance Rumors Amid Travis Scott Relationship

Kylie Jenner isn't too happy with the rumor being that Tyga and Blac Chyna could potentially be reconciling with one another.

The couple infamously parted ways when Tyga had confessed to the former stripper he wanted to be with Kylie, leaving Blac Chyna to raise their four-year-old son all by herself, which, of course, angered the now mother-of-two beyond belief.

She found it hard to forgive Tyga, but from what sources have gathered, she's come around the idea of looking at the bigger picture — the split was healthy for the both of them.

So, while Tyga was seeing Kylie Jenner, Chyna ended up having a baby with Rob Kardashian, before realizing that being in a relationship with the TV star was unhealthy, telling friends and family members that she needed to get out of what seemed to be a poisonous romance.

Now that Tyga and Blac are both single again, and Kylie Jenner is seemingly moving on with Travis Scott, sources aren't ruling out the chances of a potential reconciliation between the two, which Hollywood Life says will infuriate Kylie Jenner, for sure.

While Kylie wouldn't necessarily have a problem with the 27-year-old seeing somebody new, especially now that they have broken up, she is bothered by the thought of her ex-boyfriend getting back with his former flame, the same woman he left to be with her.

On top of that Blac Chyna is still part of the Kardashian family — she shares a child with Rob, so Tyga getting back with her would make things extremely uncomfortable for Kylie Jenner, who would want to avoid a potential reunion between the exes by all means.

"Kylie and Tyga love doing this tit-for-tat thing with each other. It's their thing. They like to make each other jealous. She's doing her thing with Travis and having the time of her life, but she'd feel ultimately betrayed by Tyga and Chyna if they were to get back together," an insider told the news site.

"Kylie and her entire family, including Rob, have let Tyga and Chyna into their world with pretty much open arms. Kris has bent over backward and went out of her way to make both Chyna and Tyga's careers better."

Kylie Jenner reportedly thinks that her ex-boyfriend getting back with his former flame would evidently mean that they did nothing but misusing the family's trust for their profit.

Kylie Jenner, her mother Kris Jenner, along with other family members, have supposedly gone above and beyond to help the duo land themselves reality shows, business deals, and bookings to further their careers, so to now hear that they could be getting back together is the ultimate slap in the face to not only Kylie, but also the Kardashian clan as a whole.

Kylie Jenner doesn't want to give too much thought into rumors that Tyga is reconciling with Blac, as mentioned by Life & Style, especially now that she's dating Travis Scott.

Sources say Kylie Jenner is incredibly happy in her new romance and wouldn't want to be distracted with Tyga's relationship issues by any means. She would consider it a huge stab in the back, but if that's what will happen, Kylie Jenner has no choice but to accept the possible fact that Tyga wants Blac Chyna back.

[Featured Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]