Do ‘Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry And Javi Marroquin Have Feelings For One Other? The Pair Book A Disney Trip!

Teen Mom 2‘s Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have surely come a long ways from the explosive fights highlighted on the series, and it appears the two might even be making a trip to Disney World together soon.

Javi Marroquin recently tweeted that he was excited to be taking the boys on a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, while Kailyn Lowry stated on Snapchat that in February of 2018, the soon-to-be mom of three was going to be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon that takes place at the park.

“Officially just booked my Disney hotel. Everyone that works there is so nice,” Javi wrote on social media.

It is unclear, however, if the pair will be going together or will be making the trips separately.

Javi Marroquin has also recently been making appearances in Kailyn Lowry’s Snapchats. A few weeks ago, Marroquin was spotted teaching former stepson, Isaac, 7, to ride a two-wheeler bike while his biological son, Lincoln, 3, played with a Frisbee. Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry’s son from her relationship with Jo Rivera have formed a special bond, with Isaac often calling him his second dad. He promised Isaac that although he wasn’t his biological father, he would continue to remain in his life despite the split from his mother. And it appears that he and Kailyn Lowry are doing everything in their power to ensure that promise is kept.

Kailyn Lowry also featured Marroquin in a recent Snapchat where he attended the boys’ soccer games and looked like he was giving them pointers on the best way to do things. Both of the boys seemed to enjoy seeing the pair get along for their sake.

Javi Marroquin was rumored to be dating Teen Mom 3′s Briana DeJesus’ sister, Brittany after it appeared he had taken photos of her just waking up in bed. But the reality star insists that he is single and that he and Briana are just pals.

And though Kailyn Lowry has admitted that the father of her third child is former classmate from Delaware State University, Chris Lopez, she has stated that he will likely not be very involved in their child’s life. As such, Kail has declared on social media that she is currently single, and revealed that she thinks she may be meant to stay that way for good.

Marroquin revealed to fans that he and Kailyn were not together and were simply learning to “co-parent” their children, but many fans and viewers suspect there is something more to their constant hang out sessions and possible trip to Disney World together.

Recently, Marroquin retweeted a tweet that seemed like it was directed at Kailyn Lowry, though no one can be sure.

“If I ever loved you, I’ll always love you. That’s how I was raised,” he retweeted from an account called @OWeezz.

Javi Marroquin struggled with the divorce with Kailyn Lowry pretty badly, as is depicted on Teen Mom 2. It appears the reality star really did want to work things out with Lowry, who had decided that she was ready to move on. It is unclear if either party cheated on one another during their relationship.

Kailyn Lowry mentioned on last season of Teen Mom 2 a possibility of reconciliation, even though she had already signed the divorce papers. And it seems that Javi Marroquin still might have feelings for Kail, no matter why they are spending so much time together.

The pair have come a long way from their first few post-divorce appearances on Teen Mom 2. Originally, Kail wouldn’t even let Marroquin park his car in her driveway or throw away any trash in her house, and now the pair are possibly booking vacations together. Maybe love is in the air!

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