Duggar Ex, Marjorie Jackson, Can't Wait For Her Wedding Day

Marjorie Jackson, the ex-girlfriend of Josiah Duggar, has recently released a new tell-all in which she shades the Duggars for their "creepy" family and behavior. According to reports, the 19-year-old bolted after she learned of the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, in which he admitted to molesting five young girls during his teen years, including four of his sisters.

Although most Duggar courtships end in marriage, Marjorie Jackson broke the mold by ending a courtship in heartache. But that hasn't stopped her from continuing to look forward to her wedding day, which is clearly the most important day in a devoutly Christian girl's life.

She dished in her new book, Devoted, that she can't wait to meet the guy God has in store for her.

"I know I'm not the only girl who dreams of her wedding day. Well, really, I'm wondering about this groom fella — who is he? More than likely, you and I both have future husbands who are real, loving guys doing life somewhere on earth right now, and eventually, in God's perfect timing, our paths will cross. What a crazy thought! It's all so exciting, I can hardly stand the suspense," she wrote.

The former Duggar girlfriend is now happily single and working on herself and her relationship with God, but that doesn't mean the 19-year-old isn't excited about one day meeting the love of her life, much like any other girl her age.

She also takes the time to condemn "lifestyles" she sees as morally unfit in her book, explaining that "speaking the truth" is the most important thing.

"Whether we're talking about someone in a sinful lifestyle such as cohabitation or homosexuality, or simply about Jesus as the only way to be saved, we must speak the truth," she wrote.

Marjorie Jackson has known the Duggars for several years, and they even took Spanish lessons together. But, now it appears that Marjorie doesn't have the same fond feelings for the mega-family as she once had.

Many who read her book feel that the teen is taking a direct dig at Josh Duggar, who was exposed as cheating on his wife, Anna, in 2015.

"Where promiscuousness once would have been the hush-hush elephant in the room, it now seems that purity sticks out loudly more than ever in a world where anything and everything goes. How do we handle relationships? What kinds of movies, music, websites, jokes, and conversations do we allow and engage in? Is our dress suggestive and provocative, or modest and proper for a girl professing to have Jesus in her heart?" she wrote.

She also warns of the excessive use of social media in the current generation, stating that what you put out there is public, and even God will judge you for what you write on your Facebook or Twitter page.

"Those words we text, e-mail, write and post on social media…God sees it all. He sees the comments we leave on posts. He reads the texts we send to that friend, to that guy. Jesus never excluded any of our methods of communication, on or out of cyberspace," she wrote.

The young writer also warned about liars, which some fans have interpreted as the teen taking aim at Josh Duggar, who has clearly lied to his family about the activities he was involved in when not around them.

"People who lie often will never be trusted, even when they're telling the truth. They've become a serial liar. Why would anyone who knows their record of lying believe them?" she said.

It is unclear if she is still in contact with the Duggar family, but it is clear that she is still deeply rooted in her faith.

[Featured Image by Marjorie Jackson/Instagram]