Melania Trump Passively-Aggressively Hints At Marital Problems

It's possible to have marital problems even when you're the wife of the U.S. President, and FLOTUS Melania Trump seems to have hinted at her own problems with Donald Trump.

Melania Trump's official – and her first verified personal account – on Twitter liked a tweet suggesting Donald Trump had built a "wall" between himself and his wife.

In what was interpreted as Melania Trump signaling for help, the FLOTUS liking an anti-Trump post instantly became big news.

It all started on Tuesday night when Melania Trump liked a tweet by left-wing blogger Andy Ostroy, who attached that infamous GIF of FLOTUS's dramatic change in facial expression at her husband Donald Trump's inauguration and wrote that the only wall Donald has built is the wall between himself and Melania.Melania Trump's verified account momentarily liked the tweet, which some say suggests that she and POTUS have marital problems.

Though many had long suspected that something is up between Melania Trump and Donald Trump after that infamous inauguration moment when Melania, with a wide smile on her face, suddenly turned stone-cold when Donald Trump looked away.

The controversial – and yet unexplained to the media – inauguration moment prompted a conspiracy theory-driven hashtag on Twitter, #FREEMELANIA, and there's apparently new evidence that Melania Trump and Donald Trump have marital problems.

With many interpreting Melania Trump liking the anti-Trump tweet as evidence that she was taking on the title of First Lady against her will or that she's signaling for help on social media, her Twitter account removed the "like" within about 45 minutes of Ostroy's tweet.

But, as some Twitter users noted, likes may be removed, but screenshots last forever.

There can be only four explanations as to why Melania Trump retracted her "like."
  1. she realized that her cry for help was noticed,
  2. her like was accidental,
  3. her verified account was hacked, or
  4. Melania only read what the tweet was about after liking it – and realized that this was an anti-Trump tweet.
Ostroy, the blogger whose tweet gave the Twitterverse yet another piece of evidence that Melania Trump could be held as FLOTUS against her will by Donald Trump, did not believe at first that the "like" actually came from the FLOTUS herself.When asked by a one user if he had "any connection" to Melania Trump, the blogger responded, "Hmmm... I guess I do now..." according to The Guardian.

Melania Trump or her team seem to have two verified accounts on Twitter. There is the one that liked the tweet hinting at marital problems, and @FLOTUS, which is the account that joined Twitter the day after Donald Trump's inauguration, January 21.

The former account has only nearly 870,000 followers, although it's been around since January 2010, while the latter has accumulated a whopping 7.12 million followers within just three months.

Interestingly, it doesn't look as if Melania Trump throws her Twitter "likes" around, as the FLOTUS has favorited only one tweet to date (she retracted her second-ever like from the anti-Trump post), and that like is of her own post from May 2012, "Hello Twitter!"

While many Twitter users think Melania Trump liking the #WALL tweet was her passive-aggressive cry for help, it could also be a way to troll her husband Donald Trump, who seems obsessed with the social media platform, which serves as his way to communicate with people directly.

Donald Trump's own Twitter account boasts 28.6 million followers. The White House did not immediately comment on Melania Trump liking and then unliking the anti-Trump tweet that hints at their marital problems.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump, born Melanija Knavs, got married in 2005. One year later, Melania obtained U.S. citizenship. The Trumps have one child together; 11-year-old Barron.

Melania Trump has never moved into the White House, saying that she would remain in New York City until Barron finishes the school year.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]