Are The Duggar Girls’ Weight and Beauty Standards Biblical?

It’s no secret that many think that the Duggar sisters are all beautiful. Like many young women their ages, they accentuate this with makeup, hairstyle, and selfies that show their best features; all the while maintaining appropriate modest dress in accordance with their religious values. While many find their wardrobe standards commendable, others find it odd that the girls seem to go to great lengths to have svelte figures, perfect hair, immaculate makeup; in short, they resemble models.

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This concern about the Duggar girls’ weight obsession has resurfaced as Joy-Anna, 19-years-old, who is newly engaged and always has been one of the fuller-figured Duggar girls, shared a photo on Instagram that showed her appearing much thinner in the wake of her wedding, which will occur in October. Some fans expressed that she does not even look like herself, but instead like her sister Jessa, who has always been quite thin. A fan expressed concern about Joy-Anna’s appearance, according to The Christian Post.

“Girls/Women should never have that pressure that they should be thin to have value. I find it odd that these girls try to be really thin before the wedding. I enjoy the TV show but some of these things concern me. She looks good but she is not a naturally thin person. She’s probably starving herself. She won’t keep the weight off. She will gain again after the wedding.”

Of course, it is entirely possible that the Duggar girls have been encouraged to embrace some societal beauty standards and denounce others, although many fans find that confusing in the realm of religious teachings. They have previously revealed that they are not to show their shoulders, cleavage or thighs, although Jinger Vuolo was photographed wearing long shorts, which had previously been taboo for the girls. The girls are usually seen wearing knee-length or longer skirts or dresses, with or without leggings.

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Even with their conservative dress, their makeup and hairstyle choices are not considered considered conservative by most people and may be higher maintenance than that of many young women who do not subscribe to the strict religious doctrine that the Duggars do.

In an article from 2014, the Duggar girls spoke about their feelings about hair and makeup and said that they wear makeup to “honor the Lord,” according to The Daily Mail. Jill and Jessa stated that they are honoring and enhancing the features the Lord has given them. As for their hair, the girls state that the Christian Bible states that a woman’s hair is “her crowning glory,” which is why they keep it long and often styled with tousled, loose curls.

According to Religion Dispatches, the Duggar sisters believe that they should make themselves attractive to men in a way that God dictates. According to the Duggars, Godly men prefer long hair and pretty, natural makeup. Although all women are not beauties, it is expected that a woman should look her very best to please a Godly man that she intends to be her husband. She should put effort into her appearance, through makeup, hairstyle, and weight control, but she should not obsess so much that she becomes vain, as vanity is considered sinful. Godly women must also strive to satisfy their husbands and be a blessing to their children. The girls have referred to Proverbs 31’s description of a virtuous wife as their guideline for behavior and dress.

What is concerning, however, is that the girls have also admitted to a lack of self-esteem and that they have endured body-image disturbances, which makes Joy-Anna’s dramatic weight loss before her wedding all the more alarming.

Do you find it odd that the girls must dress in a modest way, yet are encouraged to change their bodies and wear makeup to please their future or current mates?

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