Joanna Gaines Shares Her Thoughts On Season 4 And What To Expect Next On ‘Fixer Upper’

Season 4 of Fixer Upper recently wrapped up and Joanna Gaines took to her blog, titled At Home: A Blog by Joanna Gaines, to talk a little about the season as well as what’s to come for the new season. Fans who love Joanna’s unique and very talented eye for design are missing out if they’re not checking out her blog on a regular basis. Besides being a charismatic and charming co-host, as an interior designer Joanna’s fresh ideas exude creativity and spark the imagination of Fixer Upper viewers.

“Chip and I want to say thank you for the continued support and encouragement. It was a season filled with laughs, tears, and lots of unique homes. We are also thankful for our clients- they remain the core of why we do what we do. Every home and family has a special story to tell and we love having the opportunity to serve them.”

On her blog, Joanna Gaines shares with fans some of her favorite design techniques, including re-purposing pieces and mixing old with the new. Joanna added that there were some features from Season 4 such as double-sided fireplaces, double islands, beams, and scalloped walls that brought what she describes as unexpected character into every home. Joanna Gaines remarked that one of her favorites was a backsplash that used hand-painted tiles.

Every fan of Fixer Upper knows about Joanna’s favorite signature designs such as her use of the versatile and attractive shiplap. For Season 4, Joanna Gaines took it a step further by finding all sorts of alternate uses and styles for shiplap, and for the first time, she really switched it up by using a more narrow version called skinnylap, which for one home renovation she used around a fireplace in a vertical pattern. Shiplap was used as wainscoting, on ceilings, and even painted black, which was a bold, but smart move on Joanna’s part. There were some custom design elements as well, which included some amazing bunk bed designs, a playroom with a Murphy bed, and even a shower for the family dogs. Now that’s custom.

As for the exteriors of all the Fixer Upper homes, the Matsumoto home was definitely the one that stood out. The episode titled “The Colossal Crawford Reno” just happened to feature the executive producer for Fixer Upper; Michael Matsumoto, his wife Jessie, and their two children. As Chip and Joanna Gaines worked their magic on what was previously a shack that had definitely seen better days and looked as though a strong gust of wind could blow it down, the Matsumoto’s trusted Chip and Joanna Gaines to turn it into something stunning, and they delivered.

People shared that Chip and Joanna completely remodeled the shack, transforming it into a farmhouse-style dream home, with an alfresco dining area, a shiplap-covered kitchen, a beautiful family-friendly living room, and a huge yard for the four Matsumoto children (the Matsumoto family has grown after Jessie gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl) to play on. Fans loved the superb transformation that Chip and Joanna Gaines were able to achieve, and most agreed that this reveal was one of their favorites ever on Fixer Upper.

For the Matsumoto home, Joanna Gaines outdid herself by incorporating several impressive design elements that showcased her ability to turn even a crumbling shack into a model home.

Joanna stated that they started filming the construction aspect of Fixer Upper for Season 5 last December. Currently, they are now in the middle of demo, design, and Joanna Gaines hints at some “crazy” reveals. Fans who can’t get enough Fixer Upper will be delighted to know that Chip and Joanna are also busy filming the new spinoff show, Fixer Upper: Behind the Design. Joanna Gaines stated that she loves this because they finally get to give viewers a closer look at what happens behind the camera, as well as giving a little more insight into some of Joanna’s design elements that she uses during each episode. Joanna Gaines also reminds fans to check out her blog posts on every house for even more details.

Are you a fan of Fixer Upper and have you checked out Joanna’s fun and informative blog? Do you have a favorite Fixer Upper episode? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. According to Starcasm, if previous seasons are any indication, Fixer Upper fans will have a bit of a wait, but should expect to see the first episode of Season 5 on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 on HGTV.

[Featured Image by HGTV Channel]