June 29, 2017
WWE News: Another Former Women's Champion Hacked As Nude Photos Of Charlotte Flair Leak Out

The nude photo leak scandal that has plagued a number of celebrities and plenty of superstars in WWE has claimed another victim. Former Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair is the latest superstar to have private photos leaked out and stolen, and these photos do include nudity. Charlotte joins the likes of Alexa Bliss, Paige, Maria Kanellis, and many others who have seen their privacy invaded and private moments posted to the world.

Early on Thursday morning, rumors began to swirl that another WWE women's superstar had fallen victim to being hacked. It appears as if the rumors are indeed true as Charlotte Flair, daughter of legend and Hall of Famer Ric Flair, has now had naked images of herself stolen and leaked online.

According to The Sun, a number of the images are nude selfies of Charlotte Flair while some pictures have her in other intimate positions and poses.

wwe news charlotte flair nude photos leak
[Image by WWE]

As the talk started making the rounds of the Internet, and social media began discussing the matter more, the former four-time women's champion knew it needed to be addressed. She took to Twitter to let everyone know that the photos were "private" and "stolen," and they needed to be taken down right away.

It is obvious that Charlotte Flair is looking to get the jump on this entire situation and have the images taken down before they reach too far. She is obviously upset by the tone of her tweet, but she has not made any other public comments, and WWE has said nothing as of this time either.

Charlotte is far from the only WWE superstar who has been victimized in this massive nude photo leak that has plagued many celebrities.

Current Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss recently had nude photos of her circulating around the Internet, but those may have been different. As reported by Bleacher Report, Bliss states that the nude photos of her are fake, but she still wants them removed.

No matter who it may be, this kind of invasion of privacy is one that isn't easy for anyone to take, whether they are a celebrity or not. Unlike Alexa Bliss, the leaked nude photos of Charlotte Flair appear to be legit and real, which could be the reason she has such a sense of urgency to have them removed.

wwe news charlotte flair nude photos leak
[Image by WWE]

This nude photo hack has been going on for a few years now as numerous female and male celebrities have seen their private moments made public for the world to see. In the last five or six months, the female superstars in WWE have become a primary target for the hackers.

Comicbook.com is reporting that Charlotte will likely not face any kind of punishment or heat from WWE as the promotion has defended all those hacked in the past. She may even be looking into legal paths that she can take to have these images removed and taken down.

The stolen and leaked nude photos have caused a lot of problems for many celebrities, and the women in WWE just keep being victimized. Paige's family even became scared for her mental health and how this could affect her mind as it was such a traumatizing experience. Now, Charlotte Flair has seen her privacy invaded and seen naked pictures of herself land online for all to see, which means "The Queen" has joined the fight to stop these hackers.

[Featured Image by WWE]