Gang Of Teen Girls Kill Father Of Seven Over His iPhone 6, Illinois Police Say

Javier Bueno-Sanchez, a father of seven, was killed by a gang of teenage girls in Fox Lake, Illinois, police say. Bueno-Sanchez, 43, met the girls in a public place to sell them his iPhone 6. The online brokered exchange turned deadly quickly after he pulled into the parking lot of his local Meijer store.

Courtney A. Sherman, 18, was the oldest of the gang of five teenage girls who met Javier Bueno-Sanchez at the Round Lake Beach store around 8 p.m. on April 24. Sherman and two unidentified 17-year-old teen girls who were in the same vehicle have now been charged with both robbery and reckless homicide. Two unidentified passengers aged 16 and 17, will not be charged with any crime related to the iPhone 6 theft and death of Bueno-Sanchez.

The gang of teen girls from Illinois connected with Javier Bueno-Sanchez via the Offer Up app. They negotiated with the father of seven to sell them his unwanted iPhone 6 for $450. Bueno-Sanchez pulled up alongside the group of teen girls in the bright parking lot to exchange the smart phone for the cash.

A teen girl who was a passenger in the car handed Bueno-Sanchez and envelope of cash to pay for the iPhone 6 during the meeting in the Meijer parking lot. The Fox Lake man quickly discovered the envelope only contained a few dollars and not the substantial amount all parties had agreed to when negotiating a price on the Offer Up app, police investigators believe.

When Javier tried to retrieve his phone, the 17-year-old girl behind the wheel allegedly sped off with him still clinging onto the side of the vehicle.

“At that point, when he realized that [not the right amount of money] and that [the] girls realized that he was on to them, they sped away,” Round Lake Beach Police Chief Michael Scott told local reporters for WLS News.

The vehicle driven by the teenage girl allegedly drug Javier Bueno-Sanchez until he fell hard onto the pavement and smacked his head onto the concrete. The car and the gang of teen girls inside rapidly fled the scene after Bueno-Sanchez hit the ground, police officers believe.

Javier was still conscious when first responders arrived and was even talking to the emergency care givers. At first it appeared as if the injuries sustained after being drug by the car filled with teen girls were not serious, according to statements by police officials.

Just several hours later, Javier’s health took a drastic turn for the worse. The man highly regarded as a loving and devoted father died three days after the iPhone 6 incident at the Meijer parking lot. Lake County Coroner Dr. Howard Cooper ruled the death a homicide caused by the trauma Bueno-Sanchez sustained to his head.

Javier Bueno-Sanchez’s children range in age from six to 27 years old. He is also survived by his wife and four grandchildren.

“He was such a good person, he didn’t deserve any of this,” Lily Olmos, one of the victim’s daughters, said.

Chief Scott indicated. Bueno-Sanchez took all of the right precautions when setting up a meeting to sell the iPhone 6, yet the transaction ended in a horrific tragedy anyway.

“Young people don’t think of the ramifications of their actions,” Chief Scott told Fox 40. They think of what they’re planning on doing and they don’t think of the things that can go wrong … with this, everything that could have went wrong did, and it can’t get more serious than it is right now.”

Courtney Sherman is being held on a $500,000 bond. The two minor teenage girls also charged in the case are expected to be tried as adults.

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