‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Reveals What Has Stressed Her Out, But Her Stress Is Far From Over

Kailyn Lowry’s Attitude Changing after graduation

Kailyn Lowry is a mother of two children and she’s expecting her third baby – and she’s somehow one of the more controversial Teen Mom 2 stars these days. Kailyn had just divorced Javi Marroquin when she announced she was pregnant and it was troublesome for some viewers because Javi really wanted another baby, but Kailyn wanted to wait. But after going to her doctor, she learned that she needed to have another baby soon to avoid a high-risk pregnancy. And because this was her last chance to have another baby, Lowry decided to go forward with it.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she’s been under stress lately and it has nothing to do with the Teen Mom 2 season that has just wrapped. Many expected that she would be very stressed out because her divorce from Javi Marroquin was playing out on the show. Javi revealed that Kailyn had slept with another man and one can imagine she wasn’t exactly pleased about it. But now that the show is over and she has graduated from college, some fans are noticing that she seems happier these days.

“Creeping Kailyn Lowry Instagram and realized she looks so genuinely happy now. Just her smile alone #GetItGirl #HappinessIsBeautiful,” one Teen Mom fan wrote to Kailyn Lowry, telling her that she’s changed the way she carries herself and she appears to be happier these days.

“Honestly think the pressure/stress of school is lifted and I’ve been focusing 100% on my kids,” Kailyn Lowry replied back, sharing that the stress of finishing school before the third baby arrives has been stressful and she has felt the pressure.

And surely, it doesn’t help that people have been tweeting her various things over the past couple of months, including questioning why she’s having another child out of wedlock. Many people don’t understand why she would divorce Javi and then have a baby, since that’s all he wanted in their marriage. But Kailyn Lowry has said repeatedly that her marriage to Marroquin was toxic and she wanted out. However, Lowry shouldn’t relax too much as more stress and judgment could come her way.

Happy bump day from Baby Lo & me ????????????????????

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Just this week, it was revealed that Kailyn is pregnant with a third man and his name is Chris Lopez. Apparently, he has no interest in being in Kailyn’s life or even be a father to the baby. It’s uncertain how she got pregnant and if Lopez was in on the entire pregnancy to begin with, but she has revealed that she’s planning on having the baby on her own. She is preparing herself to become a single mother and she is determined to make it work. However, a lot of people don’t think that Chris is the right person to have a baby with, even though they don’t know him or his story.

“You look beautiful in your grad pictures and congrats on the huge accomplishment, smart girl, seeing you and Javi getting along so well is,” one person wrote to Lowry, while another added, “Awesome! But good lord wat were u thinking being with Chris? Hopefully the baby gets your looks and everything else!! He looks like a loser.”

Lowry has yet to reveal her relationship with Lopez, and it may not be featured on Teen Mom 2. However, Kailyn shouldn’t get too comfortable with a calm life, as people may start judging her because of her choice to get pregnant with Chris Lopez. Apparently, people have an opinion about him and they want to let Lowry know.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s comments about not being stressed anymore because of school? Do you think she will be judged now that the baby’s father’s identity has been released?

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