Jinger Duggar Pregnancy Rumors Swirl As She Joins Instagram

Jinger Duggar has finally joined the world of social media. After six months of marriage, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo decided to make an Instagram account. Her sisters are active on their various social media accounts, and now, she is joining in on the fun. The Vuolos are finally getting through the honeymoon phase and moving into a comfortable marital routine. Fans had speculated things would be different for Jinger than they are now, but it appears she is enjoying her life in Texas.

Rumors of a possible pregnancy for Jinger Duggar have been swirling for months. Last fall, Derick Dillard joked that his sister-in-law would be pregnant by the end of the year. As it turns out, that didn’t happen. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jinger Duggar joined Instagram to prepare for a pregnancy announcement. All of her sisters’ announcements have been talked about on social media, and it is another avenue to hype up their show, Counting On.

Being a newlywed has changed several things for Jinger Duggar. She has become more relaxed in public settings. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are incredibly strict with their children, the girls in particular. They follow the Quiverfull movement which states that little girls and women, in general, should only wear dresses and skirts. Nothing should be form fitting, and they are expected to do their best to avoid any wandering eyes from men in their presence. Jinger shocked the world when she stepped out wearing pants. Duggar fans went insane upon seeing her in something other than a skirt or dress. Many believed it was a one-time deal, but it turns out that Duggar enjoys wearing pants and Jeremy Vuolo is supportive of her decision. In fact, he gave a sermon about it and talked about how wearing pants isn’t as bad as other things such as drinking alcohol or premarital sex.

Waiting on a Vuolo baby announcement has been taxing to some fans. Jinger Duggar has expressed her desires to be a wife and mother, but no further details on a time frame of when it could happen have been revealed. The Duggar family is against birth control. There has been speculation that Jinger may not be able to get pregnant as easily as her mother and sisters. Both Jill and Jessa Duggar were pregnant almost immediately following their wedding. In fact, both will be mothers of two little boys come this summer. Jinger doesn’t appear to be phased by the fact that she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet, which is why many believe she joined Instagram to make an announcement.

A new season of Counting On is coming this summer. Jinger Duggar will be helping her little sister prepare to get married. Joy-Anna Duggar got engaged a few months ago, and it appears that her wedding day is getting closer and closer. With the new season approaching, there is excitement for what is to come. Generally, the Duggar family will make a big announcement to boost ratings and the number of viewers shortly before the season premiere. No official date has been announced for the return of Counting On, but rumors suggest it will be back sometime next month.

As the Duggar fans wait for a pregnancy reveal from Jinger Duggar, the new season will keep things fresh. The pants scandal has been huge among fans, especially for those who have taken issue with the way Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar choose to run things within their family. With all of the changes in her life, Jinger Duggar has been able to stand apart from her sisters. Married life has agreed with Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, and they are on their way to beginning their forever adventure.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Twitter]