Angelina Jolie Reportedly Admits She Is Still Not Over Brad Pitt After His Bombshell Interview

Angelina Jolie may have ended her relationship with Brad Pitt, but she still hasn’t gotten over the Hollywood star. The Hollywood Gossip reported that Jolie still has feelings for Pitt and isn’t ready to move on. Is she open to reconciling?

“Angelina wants to know exactly what Brad is up to at all times,” an insider revealed. “To say she isn’t able to move on would be an understatement. She even has a Google alert on [Pitt’s] name, so she can keep tabs on him.”

The news comes as a surprise because Jolie was the one who originally filed for divorce back in September. If the actress is following Pitt’s every move, then she probably isn’t happy about the rumors surrounding his dating life.

Sources close to the actor claim that he has been dating a few women here and there, but is keeping everything a secret until the divorce is finalized. He hasn’t, however, found anything serious and probably won’t until the breakup is over. Until then, Pitt remains focused on co-parenting and making a smooth transition for his six children.

Pitt and Jolie went through a few difficult months after the divorce. Things have fortunately cooled down, and Hollywood Life reported that Jolie is having second thoughts about ending the marriage. Is Pitt willing to take her back?

Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie Divorce Takes Another Step Forward
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“Part of Angie will always love [Brad], and yes she’s even thought about reconciling,” an insider revealed. “There are obviously a lot of good reasons for them to get back together, especially for the kids. But Angie still has too many scars from their bad times. There is still a lot of resentment on both sides. Brad was deeply wounded by the whole split and custody situation so any thought of reconciliation right now is not happening.”

With Pitt not ready to reconcile, sources claim that Angelina Jolie wants to drag out the divorce as long as possible so that she can retain a level of control over his life. Pitt, meanwhile, has been granted more access to the children and recently enjoyed an overnight stay with the brood. There’s no telling when the two will hammer out a custody agreement, but fans can only hope that things don’t drag out for too much longer.

While we wait to learn more about the situation, E! News reported that Pitt finally opened up about his drama-filled divorce. The World War Z star sat down with GQ Style and admitted that therapy helped turn things around for the family. He also addressed the abuse allegations between him and Maddox and refused to drag the children into the drama. Instead, Pitt’s main goal is to see both sides come out “stronger.”

Brad Pitt poses with his children Pax, Shiloh, and Maddox along with parents Jane and William Pitt.
Brad Pitt poses with his children Pax, Shiloh, and Maddox along with parents Jane and William Pitt. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

“It’s just very, very jarring for the kids, to suddenly have their family ripped apart,” he shared. “There’s a lot to tell them because there’s understanding the future, there’s understanding the immediate moment and why we’re at this point.”

Pitt also opened up about his problems with alcohol. The actor admitted that he started drinking heavily when his marriage started going downhill. He has since quit drinking entirely and says that it was harder than quitting weed.

Pitt closed the interview by addressing some of the many rumors surrounding his split with Jolie. Pitt doesn’t really pay attention to all the reports and claims that the majority of them are false. The only thing he worries about is his kids reading about the split in the media. Pitt hopes they aren’t being subjected to the drama but knows that it comes with the territory.

Pitt did not comment on repairing his marriage or possibly getting back together with Angelina Jolie.

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